Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Little Corner Called Miharja (KL, Malaysia)

It would be an outskirt of KL; a place called Miharja where an LRT station via the Ampang Line leads to a bus terminal that transports people to Cameron Highlands. People mostly forget that Kerayong River flows through this Malaysian niche.

I was on my way to the highlands and had half an hour to kill so I decided to take a little stroll at the terminal's periphery.

What I discovered was this greenery: a river, not sure if it's a tributary to the Kerayong or it is the Kerayong itself; a wooden bridge; a bit of a woodland; benches lining a pathway. Here's a place that could be developed into a parkland, a green lung, a breathing space.

It's also easy to find eateries when you're hungry or just need a little munch, like a siopao maybe? Or a coconut cookie? Or both? Taman Miharja could be easily forgotten, but it has possibilities.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

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