Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Day at the Davao Crocodile Farm (Mindanao, Philippines)

If you're killing time in Davao City, south of the Philippinesand would prefer somewhere that isn't too far from the city center, visiting Davao Crocodile Farm would be an interesting option. This is the city's answer to a "zoo". Unlike Puerto Princesa's Crocodile Farm, this recreational park is home to a variety of animals, it even has a tiger.

 It took owner Mr. Philip Dizon 10 years to develop the animal farm into what it is now after it received its city accreditation in 1995. It officially opened in August 2005. Located along the Diversion Road in Ma-a, in a compound called Riverfront Development City, the farm functions more like a leisure park than a zoo. The surrounding area has restaurants and shops, as well as a butterfly farm in the vicinity.

Entrance fee is PhP150 for adults and PhP75 for children (2-12 years old) during weekdays. The rate changes on weekends from 3PM onwards: P200 for adults and PhP100 for children. There's ample parking outside.


Since we're dealing with wild animals, there are rules to be followed while in the premises: do not lift children over the railings; do not poke the animals or stick your fingers inside cages; do not feed the animals; do not throw objects inside cages that could hurt the animals; do not provoke or shout at the animals; no littering; no smoking; firearms and sharp objects aren't allowed inside. Most importantly, enjoy your visit.

The park boasts of both saltwater and freshwater crocs, lizards, fowls, and if I have to emphasize this again, a tiger. There are tacky statues of indigenous tribesmen and animals. There's a yellow python you could carry for those precious photo ops.

Moreover, since the Davao River is nearby, you could go rafting, if that's your thing. Otherwise, there are shops just outside the park (which we'll feature on our next post).

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Pangil is the farm's resident "monster".

Victoria Crowned Pigeon has an elegant blue lace-like crest.

Someone's molting away.

There's a tiger in the house.

For those who want to pet them lifeless.

Random art pieces

Ticket booth

Ticket entrance to the park


For more information, please do not ask us here about group rates, reservations, etc. Refer to their website here: http://adventurephilippines.ph/index.php or call them at +6382- 286-8883 (if you're in Davao) or +632- 833-5680 (if you're in Manila). Email them at booking@davaocrocodilepark.com. The farm is open daily from 8AM to 7PM.

Toddy palms line the street to the farm.


Ramakrishnan said...

Crocs are fearsome but awesome creatures.And what a nice assembly of birds & reptiles ready to climb aboard Noah's Ark !

eye in the sky said...

Noah's ark. Haha. I like that. :)