Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fihalhohi - Sun, Sand and Time Standing Still (Maldives Diaries)

Fihalhohi without its picturesque water cottages has a great beach all around the island. Other than that, it has a fantastic reef for diving enthusiasts. this is why Fihalhohi has its Aeolus Diving Center with an international staff. It is located 28 kilometers south of Male, at the edge of the South Male Atoll (the last/boundary island) and a good 20 minutes by speedboat from the local island of Maafushi.

The resort has 3 bars and 2 restaurants, a diving center, a spa and 150 rooms spread across 80,000 square meters of land. The more expensive rooms are located on the beach, in beautifully designed water cottages that rise on stilts and separated from each other by sun-kissed wooden bridges formed like a heart.

Since it's a "resort island", it is autonomous and thus follows its own rules, so there's alcohol here, and dancing, and international cuisine. Bikini bathing is also allowed. It is easy to find secluded coves and bask under a clothing-optional sun or get a shelter from its lush foliage. There are cots spread throughout the islands. For dining, check out our earlier post.

Speedboat transfers from Male cost $140 per person one-way. Thought it was built in 1982, its renovations in 2004 has done wonders to the resort. Fihalhohi has a high 8.1 rating in Agoda so you know that it is a great place to stay. Check-in time is 11 AM. Wifi signal is free and fast in restaurants and at the reception. Phone (roaming) signal is also good.

The island is one of the many in danger of being claimed (eventually) by the sea. Erosion is a problem so you see a number of sand bags is certain areas. Isn't it a sad thing when a thing of beauty disappears?

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Chairs outside the Blue Lagoon Bar where candle light dinners are held as well as "Lobster Dinner" at $58 a piece.

Eroding sand dunes.

Eroding sand dunes in Fihalhohi.

Comfy seats at the Fisherman's Bar.

Sand on your feet at the Blue Lagoon Bar.

Buffet lunch is served here at the Blue Groove Restaurant.

A recreational lounge (where the toilet is located) with foozball and pingpong tables.

Aeolus Diving Center

A flirty local resident.

Reception. They give you "arm bands" and orient you here. Payments are made here as well.

Souvenir Shop has items and post cards. You can also mail them here.

Their website:

When you're done with the sun, you can rest or sleep in one of their cots under the shade.

A secluded spot.

Water cottages

Site map of Fihalhohi.


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