Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Morning in Maafushi Part 2: Maafushi When It Drizzles

It was the monsoon season. It would rain in the evening and create puddles all over the local island of Maafushi.

I was up very early because there was an attention-calling heavy downpour at 4AM. The wind howled and blew like crazy. I was getting concerned. What becomes of my visit to my dream island of Anantara?

I was in Kaani’s restaurant at 7:15 AM all stoked for my day trip. As bonus, their buffet spread included mashuni (below), Maldive’s staple breakfast entree, a combination of coconut meat, tuna pieces and coffee/tea.

I’ve seen a different version from Stingray last year; it was “whiter”. This one looked like a finer version of rice sprinkled with seeds. It would have been spicy, but they adjusted it for the untrained palate.

After breakfast, I decided to see the eastern shore (a mostly deserted area on the island) which is barely a 15 minute walk from Kaani (located west). I rushed to the other side of Maafushi to check out the coast. I was there yesterday but it was dark already. 

The waves broke a hundred meters from the shoreline. Odd. Why would it refuse to move closer to the shore? Kelps were all across the seemingly stagnant sea. Southward, a ship was docked on a sandbar, and a couple of Caucasians were walking towards the ocean with their diving gear. Otherwise, the place was eerily deserted, a resounding contradiction from the opposite side of the island where the jetty is.

I like mornings like this.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

My buffet haul in Kaani Beach Hotel. Mashuni (left) is served.

The eastern shore of Maafushi is eerily deserted.

Independent divers out for an early adventure.

The only establishment I found in that portion of the eastern shore. 

Puddles from last night's thunderstorm.

A sprinkling of colors.

Election statistics are written on walls.

Washing jar in front of Kaani Beach Hotel.


Ola said...

the seaside pictures are absolutely beatiful!

eye in the sky said...

Thanks, Ola. That's local Maldives away from the glitzy resort islands. :)

My Unfinished Life said...

lovely seaside!!!

eye in the sky said...

I like that its almost deserted. Thanks. :)