Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Queensland Train Stations - Brisbane Central and Coomera Station

This feature will be one of those Survival Posts which aims to help travelers empower or familiarize themselves with these Queensland stations.

Brisbane Central (seen above and on the 3rd photo) is a major interchange for train services on the City network. If you're coming from Queensland and visiting Brisbane, you'd eventually stop here. Imagine how it was on August 18, 1889. Most of the structure was made of wood and corrugated galvanized iron, a familiar roofing material in Philippine houses. These days, the two-level facade has uncoordinated colors: pink at the second level; yellow and blue at the first.

Originally, the building had a front stone portico, but it was demolished to widen Ann Street and replaced by a fancy Art Deco awning. The clock tower was designed by J.J. Clarke. The typical arched railway hall over the tracks was dismantled in the late 1960's.

There's an underground passage from Central to ANZAC Square (4th photo). The lobby has ticket booths and fast food shops; ATM  machines and snack bars. Just outside, facing Ann Street is the beautiful Grand Central Hotel. At the back of the station, Sofitel towers over. There are, supposedly 6 platforms although I've only seen 4 - or I wasn't attentive enough. If you're using the trains more than once, it is advisable to buy those reloadable value cards than single tickets. The station feels safe, and it's a comfortable place to visit.

Coomera Station, on the other hand, is in the Coomera suburb of Queensland, in zone 10 of Translink integrated public transport. There are supposedly regular buses between Coomera and the theme park Dreamworld though I haven't noticed this. Most times, the station feels deserted whether its daytime or night time.

Just for completion, here are their stops: "In the northbound (Brisbane-bound) direction, trains make stops at Loganlea and Coopers Plains and run express to the city centre, taking 59 minutes to arrive at Central station at an average of 60.0 km/h (37.3 mph). During weekday peak times, all trains will make all stops to Beenleigh, Then run express to South Bank. Trains heading northbound continue onto the Airport Line, connecting the city to Brisbane Airport. In the southbound (Varsity Lakes-bound) direction, trains continue to Varsity Lakes and take 22 minutes, averaging 94.6 km/h (58.8 mph)." You can head towards Brisbane International Airport by train. 

There's absolutely no hustle and bustle outside Coomera Station; no taxis waiting, no touts familiar in Asia; and unfortunately, nor public transport to speak of as well (although it is supposedly serviced by an integrated public transport system). Maybe I need to wait for an hour for that? And yes, it can get eerie at night.

This is the Eye in the Sky

Clock Tower. Sofitel at the back.

Bypass Ann Street outside the station. This underpass directly takes you to ANZAC square.

Buy your tickets at this Brisbane Central booth.

Plenty of ATM machines in Brisbane Central.

Waiting platforms at Brisbane Central.

Entrance at the Coomera train station.

Entrance to Coomera station.

Stairs leading to the Coomera platform.

Coomera platform

Coomera platform at night.

Waiting sheds outside Coomera Station (above and below).


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I have a feeling I would like the Grand Central Hotel - seems classic!

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I know, me too. It is just eye candy. :)