Saturday, February 15, 2014

Brisbane as the Urban Landscape

What makes a city? In the Philippines, a minimum annual income of PhP100 million pesos ($2.2 million) could get one its cityhood, thus if a town has a cement or steel factory, a bottling plant, a copra or sugar mill, they may just qualify. In Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, it could be a checklist of things. Not the least of which are the architectural structures arising from the land. I am into geometrical forms, curves and panels, cascades, play of colors, highways, gyms, murals, butterfly structures, sculptures, and skyscrapers. Of course there's the occasional flower here in there. I didn't have lofty expectations about Brisbane, but it didn't disappoint.

But really, more than these physical creations, it's the people who built, the people who conceptualized, the people who warmly smiled when asked for directions (or even when you didn't) - these are what makes a city!

In a series of photographs that accentuate architectural styles, here is my homage to Brisbane.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Myers Centre (above and below)

Cinema Hall at the Myers Centre.

J. Seward Johnson, Jr.'s "Big Sister"

Brisbane's Story Bridge (above and below)


Ola said...

I think a "city" is about architecture - and this architecture is really what a city should have - amazing modern and pretty!

eye in the sky said...

Agree. Place looks so pretty with these architectural variety. :)