Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cyberjaya Lake Gardens - This Side of Serenity

If I were to grow very old and live a long life, I'd prefer to spend my wrinkly days somewhere beside a lake where there's nothing but the gentle blowing of the wind and greens creeping through poles and trees. I'd prefer communion this side of serenity. And there's just that at the Cyberjaya Lake Gardens, the new city's "green lung".

Located 50 kilometers from the bustle of Kuala Lumpur, this man-made lake is probably the "only" must visit in a place not intended for tourists. But if I were one of the 25,000 students in this city, this would be my favorite spot. The lake garden covers an area of about 400 acres. It features the following areas: the Visitor's Information Center (a building with a roof designed like a kite since kite-flying is a traditional activity among Malaysians, I was told); a colorful Children's Playground; a Ginger Garden; a Lookout Tower; a carpark (tempat letak kereta), and a Fitness Station. It also has the beautifully named "Wind Chime Island" (Pulau Wind Chime) which is really but a shed beside the lake - and there are several around the gardens.

After a late lunch at the Swimming Pool Food Court, I asked for directions to the Cyberjaya Lake Gardens. this took me through a greenery, and a footpath the lead to nowhere. I eventually reached a marsh filled with flowering lilies. Further on was a road that had a security post, but getting to this security station wasn't exactly a "walk in the park". There were no stairs; I had to carefully climb down a steep elevation. The guard was stopping every vehicle that came his way. This was still part of the sprawling Multimedia University.

The guard pointed me to where I should be going, saying I was near, but that's what people had been saying all day. Since the sun was blaring effusive warmth, perspiration was dripping down like a leaky faucet, soaking my shirt 'til I looked like someone who showered with my shirt on. It didn't matter. I finally reached my destination. For what seemed like several hours, I just stayed under the shade, took my shirt off, allowing it to dry. There was a considerable gust that calmed my tired spirit, but I was pleased having made it there.

The lake garden was deserted, except for half a dozen guys sweeping, cutting hedges, picking up leaves, etc. I really take my hats off to these guys. No one seemed to be enjoying this beautiful place, yet they kept it immaculately clean. My favorite areas were the few curvy bridges and a spot called Wind Chime Island which wasn't really an island. Nevertheless, it provides a dreamy lookout to the calm waters. I wonder how this place looks in the evening. Are there adequate lights? If it bears a desolate atmosphere in daylight, imagine this at night. Shivers! But like most romantic ideation, there is wonder and awe is solitary meanderings, right? The romance of solitude, is what I'd say. it's one of the things that gets me traveling alone; the sporadic moments of seeming search for something. To be quite honest, I am not. Not searching. If this were a philosophical search, I wouldn't go home until I find whatever it is I'm trying to find. There is nothing earth-shattering about journeys, although sometime ago, I loved thinking of them as such. Heck, I even wrote about it here - in several entries. Moods, go figure. For now, these travels are mere discoveries.

There's no transportation to be had in this area. The car park was empty. Walking was the only option. So, leisurely I walked. I didn't like the idea that I'd probably wait for another 40 minutes just to get my bus back to Putrajaya Terminal. I got in the bus with - to my surprise! - the same guys from my bus ride earlier; the same guys at the restaurant! Did they have 2 hour, 3 hour classes? I was quite smug to have "conquered" Cyberjaya after almost half a dozen tries. It's about time.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Where do I go?


With no stairs to speak off, how do you get down from this elevation? I crawled down. :)

Yes, it's part of the security post. Very friendly security guard too.

I love this modern design of a security post filled with glass.

Wind Chime Island

Wind Chime Island - no benches?

What is there?

Children's Playground

One of the Fitness Areas
Kite-inspired roof at the Visitor's Center

Look-out Tower

Walking back, I noticed the roadside plants were covered with coconut husks (the way orchids are). They must  have done this to keep the moisture in and around the root area.

Coconut husks

On my way back to my bus stop

Cyberjaya 1st Part and Introduction


NRIGirl said...

Hello @Eye! I was away for a few days; on return guess whose blog I checked out first?! Of course yours!

I wonder why they would call it a Wind Chime Island when they can't even hang one wind chime...

eye in the sky said...

@ NRIGirl:

Aww that's sweet of you to say. Thank you. I'm flattered.

Re: Wind Chime. Same thought actually. I like the name nevertheless. Very poetic.

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures, yet again! Somehow the name Cyberjaya conjured images of Hi-Tech buildings and a concrete jungle of modern architecture. The natural beauty was a welcome contrast :)

eye in the sky said...

@ Mom with a Dot:

It's still an appropriate name for this new city. But this lake garden is a mere bonus. :)