Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Putrajaya's Putra Perdana - Prime Minister's Office Complex

In 1999, government offices began moving their offices to Malaysia's administrative federal capital, Putrajaya. Some 40 kilometers south of KL, even the Prime Minister had to assign his u-haul trucks for the big transfer to the 4,580 hectare city of domes and landscape gardens. The building looked like a huge mosque to me - with a central green dome, and two smaller ones at each side. I have been made aware that one could roam the "office" for free - as long as foreigners show their passport. The idea didn't please me, but it should be interesting to some people.

Putra Perdana - or the Prime Minister's Office - is synonymous with the executive branch of the Malaysian government. Despite its important "executive" position, it's interesting to note the absence of the usual cordon sanitaire paranoia associated with visiting sites such as this elsewhere. In fact I didn't see any droll-faced guards nearby, nor were there ugly barricades reminding people that this was a secure site.

The building was constructed in 1997 and completed in 1999, it's structural influences include neoclassicism admixed with the European concept of Venetian architect Andrea Palladio (1508-1580). Quidean architects, headed by Ahmad Rozi Abd Wahab, designed the building. The main rooms and halls include: Prime Minister's Main Office, Deputy Prime Minister's Office, two Meeting Halls, Delegation Room, VIP Room, VIP Banquet Room, National Security Division Office, National Economic Action Council Office, and a View Point.

A gold-gilded fountain was being constructed in the vicinity as I made my way from the Perdana Putra to the Putra Mosque which was a pleasant avenue walk through gardens and a small pond. 

The laidback atmosphere of Putrajaya is one of the things I like about this new city; one factor of its being is the paucity of people. But this will all change in the next 10 years or so. 

I am glad to have witnessed the gradual rise of this city. It's like witnessing the growth of a baby who would one day become a prince. It's bound to happen. After all, the "jaya" in its name is Sanskrit term for "victory" or "success".

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Up next: A Pink Mosque called Putra!


Ola said...

The builing is impressive itself but I like the fountain much more:)

eye in the sky said...

The fountain looks like a loot from the treasures found by Ali Baba. :->