Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nocturnal Activities in KL

I got off my Star Shuttle bus at the Puduraya stop. I was pretty excited about Puduraya. To my surprise, it wasn't finished yet, but from the looks of it, it was already well planned: gleaming silvery interiors, the entrance has two escalators, and its surrounding filled with window and glass panels. I wonder when it's supposed to start operation. It's been a year since my July visit and I am missing the easy access to busses out of KL.

The rest of Pudu, which used to be rundown, is starting to come alive with better hostel facades too. Improved facilities will benefit tourists because, as far as I am concerned, KL has one of the worst budget to middle-rate accommodation facilities in Asia.

Elsewhere, an Air Asia office has opened right across Berjaya Times Square. And Marriott Hotel has started construction of a huge diamond shaped structure that will rival the grandeur of Pavilion's Liuli Fountain.

I was able to roam around the Pavilion while waiting for the screening time of a movie. I saw a Saisaki Restaurant, I was sure this was the Filipino owned franchise, with similar marquee design.

At 1AM, the sidewalk along Bukit Bintang Street was teeming with life, prostitutes and transvestites parade in proud glory. And this is a Muslim country, if I may add. By the time I made it to my hotel, the new man by the counter asked if I was gonna see someone at Room 206. At 1:30AM? "It's my room," I smiled. No need to be testy here. I'd be out in the morning anyway. With a 3 piece KFC chicken, I retired to my air cooled room, then rested. Relaxing night. Looking forward for Bangalore tomorrow in the evening though.

This is the Eye in the Sky!


Joseph Pulikotil said...


Lovely photo of the magical KL.

I enjoyed reading your narration and envied the wonderful time you had.

I am surprised that there is so much freedom in a muslim nation compared to gulf countries.

Best wishes,

Trotter said...

Hi Eye! Wonderful picture and amazing story! Weird things may happen at 1 AM... ;)

Blogtrotter Two is leaving the Côte d’Azur 2010; but it has a beautiful spot for you... Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead!!

eye in the sky said...

To Joseph:

Transits are not my favorite part of a journey but I always try (sometimes too hard) to find new things to "discover".

eye in the sky said...

To Trotter:

Photos really help "make" the story. :->