Monday, November 30, 2009

A Welcoming Trichy For A Weary Soul

I have been traveling straight for 41 hours, and it somehow feels like the longest road I've ever travelled. 33 hours of train from Delhi to Chennai, then 8 hours of bus from Chennai to Trichy. I imagined I'd lie dead to the world as soon as I hit the bed, but shower was my priority. I felt grungy and dirty and dusty.

But to my surprise, everyone was very welcoming: my Hotel Gajapriya, Kachanaa restaurant (the waiter already knew what I'd order down to the drinks). After a long hot warm shower, I was recharged. I got back on my shoes and walked the easy cool breeze of Trichy. And yes, I was finally able to buy some Tamil movies. Yipee!

I am so easy to please.

This is the Eye in the Sky, ready for a long restful night ahead.

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