Thursday, November 19, 2009

Roaming the Delhi Streets with a Smile - This Time!

Pigeons at Connaught's Place in New Delhi.

This was a special day to complete my Delhi experience. I was finally able to see the places that I've always wanted to visit - especially Humayon's Tomb. Last time I visited this place, it was closed for some reason. I also realized that the autorickshaw population in Delhi isn't so bad at all - and yes, I wouldn't mind getting stuck in this capital. I have learned a few things, including the intricacies of public transport.

Internet browsing and hotel registration are still intrusive - they photcopy all the details in your passport and ask the silliest things that don't concern them - but hey, that's how they wanna monitor the movement of people.

And McDonald's still doesn't have fried chicken - so I miss that crunchy pleasure of breaking gravelly chicken skin on your mouth. I miss Big Breakfast with its sumptuous sausage and jam-filled buns. Food is still a hard endeavor in India, but I am surviving. I am praying for a safe transit as I head to Gorakhpur tonight. Prayers have become a constant source of comfort. More than 13 hours of rail journey - oh God! I always dread train travels in India. I'd take the bus anytime though buses are less comfortable.

This is the Eye in the Sky.

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