Friday, December 19, 2008

Cantinetta's Mouth Watering Delights and Cozy Atmosphere at the Rockwell Makati

Last weekend, I was in a dilemma where I wanted to spend my special late-lunch date with a good friend whom I only get to see once every 6 months or so. It was a toss between Italian, which would be in Rockwell, Makati City - or German which would be at The Fort in Taguig. I wasn't too crazy with the season's rushing crowd at The Fort so I opted for the former. Just across the Powerplant Mall is a perfectly hidden cove called Cantinetta. At half past 2 PM, there were just a few tables occupied. The place was practically set up for us!

As expected in upscale fares, each entree is carefully prepared, and food is scrumptuous. I'm also partial to a minimum crowd and a very cozy atmosphere. The interiors exuded a homey, sophisticated feel. Very classy!

Cantinetta Classica. This had Italian sausage, pepperoni, minced beef, grigliata, cotoletta di maiale herb. Tastes as good as it looks!

Grilled butterfried pork chops. Most thick slabs of meat aren't as tender, but this one cuts easily like a piece of paper and oh so juicy and fresh. I've missed A1 pork meat since I wasn't able to have any during my one month journey in India, Bangladesh and Malaysia. This felt like a "trophy" - my pat-on-the-back! Not to be missed! If I remember it right, this was just PhP500 or thereabouts.

Ravioli al funghi porcini is pasta stuffed with porcini mushroom. Not a bad entree at PhP450 (a little over $10). It doesn't photograph well, but this is delicious stuff - and the sauce - yum!

A couple of times though, the server would approach us, asking if she could take our plates away! Duh! There was still half a slab of meat resting placidly on my plate, and I had all the right to consume it for two very particular reasons - despite the very thick slab-slice, it was tender and mouth-watering AND who would wanna throw away something that's not exactly cheap? LOL. I even had to ask them if they were closing shop already as they seemed to be in a hurry. Other than a couple of such disturbances, I highly recommend Cantinetta!

This is the Eye in the Sky!

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