Friday, November 14, 2008

New Delhi and a Long Train Journey

new delhi photo courtesy of mr. steven caudill

I took my Howrah train from Kolkata to Delhi. This took me 1440 kilometers of a/c train ride, passing through the indian countryside. It was a good thing I met someone, a young Indian doctor, who had been traveling with me since. He would be my 2nd doctor friend during this whole journey. Two more subspecialty and we could open a multi-specialty hospital. haha. I just feel it's unusual meeting colleages during these backpacking journey. It never happened before; then suddenly, in Dhaka, I met Swiss surgeon Karin, a tall and pretty blonde from Interleukin Switzerland, and my dear friend Junaid who's from Kashmir. I was supposed to meet Ruhul, a Bangladeshi doctor from Dhaka - who works in Dili in East Timor - but that didn't pan out.

Back in the trains, it was very relaxing just sleeping in the dead hours as the train glides smoothly through the Indian countryside. Everyone should try it. It's not quite like my European train journeys. Every locals i've spoken have been so friendly.

P.S. It's started to snow in Kashmir so Delhi is a very cold place to be - 14deg proably, in the evenings. Too bad that curfew has also been declared in this beautiful region. Elections are fast approaching, that's why. And there seems to be too much political turmoil and unrest there.

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