Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hanoi, Chiang mai, a Golden Mount and Hurting Myself

Dreamy lake. One morning, I woke up to a fogbound Hanoi. I sat down a bench facing the tortoise castle by the lake and waited for the fog to clear, eating custard apple (atis) half the size of my head - fleshy and mouth-watering! A local passerby stopped and "begged" for the other atis sitting beside me. I refused and shook my head. I was hungry.

For those who actually read entries in this blog, I’ve been “trying” to update February and March (2008) entries with lots of (finally!) photos and text entries. Here are a few more photos.

A monk trying to catch their late-afternoon prayers. Moments after, I could hear the monks' chants booming all over the temple grounds - like some distant incongruous haunting spell. Chiangmai, North Thailand.

A monk helps out in installing a blue linoleum floor at the top deck of Wat Saket (The Golden Mount), one of my favorite spots in Bangkok. A good hike up the tower will rewarded you with the magnificent view of Bangkok.

Hurting myself. Upon arrival in Chiangmai, I tried to catch a bus (bus # 41) - instead of a taxi or a sangtheaw - infront of the Chiangmai International Airport. It had been 15 minutes already and it felt like I wasn't going anywhere. I stood with my pushcart, when suddenly, an idea came to me! I started asking at the passing bus where they were headed! Moon Muang (the main backpacker's area) maybe? The conductor nodded, and I jumped and jerked like a lunatic, as though a train was leaving me! Then I BUMPED my hand hard against the handle of the cart! OUCH! That really hurt. I tried not to wince, picked up my 15kg bag at lightning speed, then boarded onto the bus (no.11), standing proud like Captain America.

THAT was so excruciatingly painful! And I sported the ecchymosis for 5 days. I'd look at it on a daily basis, observing the subtle color changes until it gradually normalized. Spoils of war, rite of passage to Chiangmai!

This is the Eye in the Sky!

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