Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chiangmai, Pai and Indecisions

It was nice waking up late for a change. Weather in Chiangmai is lovely. Not too humid, hot; not too cold either. I woke up having to decide if I am to visit Chiang RAI today which is a good 3-4 hours by bus up north. The Golden Triangle area (Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and its notorious opium trade) sounds romantic, so I was reading about Chiang Rai from my lonely Planet while my friend Mario (from Germany) was at the bathroom. Then it says, "its more livable than visitable". That struck a chord. I mean, I was already a very happy man having succeeded in going to Sukhothai (a 6-7 hour ride Chiang Mai) yesterday. The temples were no great shakes, but it was interesting. Chiangrai has a single pagoda to speak of, but the bus fare is cheap - 520-baht return. I later decided to abandon the plan, and considered going with Mario to Pai - as long as there's a return trip in the evening, as I do have an early flight to catch back to Bangkok. My guesthouse (CM Bluehouse) is just 10-15 minutes from the airport by sangtheaew (20 baht).

As for now, after this internet thing (which I had no access for 4 days), we will proceed to the Airport Mall (there's a Robinsons store) and look for a camera repair center. Breakfast too. I am famished.

Will see. Might be an interesting day.

This is the Eye in the Sky.

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