Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Burpppp...! - More Gastronomic Delights from Vietnam and Cambodia

These are just some gastronomic delights that I haven't posted yet!

Yangchau and Spring Roll - beside Ben Thanh Market, Saigon.

Their halo-halo at VnD 10,000 - mas masarap ang atin! (Ben Thanh Market)

A coke bottle for someone. (I have canned coke too but I can't seem to rotate it. :-< ) Hanoi

My ice cream cup at Tokimex - $1.25, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Fruits of the season include pomelo, atis, papaya, banana, longans, plums, macopa and dragon fruit. Ha Long Bay.



Anonymous said...

Brrp tlaga ha!! parang masarap ung soup na nakita ko dati na u said expensive..nag salivate nga ko eh.. at ang sharon fruit!! miss those fruits badly!(wala d2 for some reasons, meron ung malalaki, ayaw ko un..) mom used to buy me everyday if in season, love it if crunchy! too sweet kasi if soft and ripe na but still they're not bad..

eye in the sky said...

Pho ga, expensive compared to the other meals in HCMC but cheap according to our standards. SAKSAKAN ng sarap! i had a blooper pa, coz i didnt know how to "drink" their iced coffee kaya kapalmuks i really asked. hahaha.

i love sharon fruits. pinili ko nga, isang ripe na ripe, and 4 pieces of crispy crunchy persimmon which I laboriously chomped down til midnight. parang rabbit. hehe. i just say a "dried persimmon" - 6 pieces ina pack - PhP84 lang sa cherry, shaw boulevard, but they looked scary. the whole fruit has been shrunken into i/4 its size, parang pruned out- and the color has turned to violaceous (parang ecchymoses hehehe)... so i didnt bother. baka di na ako maghahanap nun after. i hope i get to see some persimmon sa greenhills fruit stand this december. they usually have a few although very expensive. kahit 2 pieces lang, i'd be glad to dig in to my pockets. (cherries too. grabe no? sa london, kinakain lang nating parang kamatis o saging. mura kasi dun. miss ko na tuloy.)