Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Al Lahbab Desert, Dubai

The expansive emptiness of the desert is nothing short of hypnotic. In one of the stops during my Dune Bashing activity in Dubai's Al Lahbab Desert, I just gazed at the undulating golden sands, and was for a minute, transfixed. If it wasn't exceedingly hot and humid, at 45 degree C and 80% humidity, I could stay there for hours. But sweat was dripping and I was parched. It is not advisable to visit the emirates in summer because conditions are offensive and unhealthy. To compound the matter, it was Ramadan so you cannot just whip out your bottled water or a sandwich in public. You could be fined or sent to prison. Dehydrate in silence.

That was why I really appreciated those daily Iftar feasts, when locals break their fasting and enjoy a sumptuous dinner. 

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