Sunday, September 20, 2015

The View from the Hills of Sagaing (Myanmar)

I crossed Ayeyarwaddy River to get to Sagaing. Like Bagan, I could see several Buddhist structures rising from the hill and down below. Unlike Bagan, these structures were white pagodas, were newer, and were mostly white with golden peaks. An old kingdom, Sagaing has had 7 kings during the reign of the Sagaing Kingdom: from Sawyun of 1315 to Minbyauk Thihapate of 1364. And then there was King Naungdawgyi who reigned in 1760.

While riding my "tuktuk", I was in awe of the gorgeous queue of pagodas from the hill. It was something you don't see everyday in your short life span - and it was beautiful. Like a very fast slideshow that displayed magic. I was on my way to a couple of pagodas - the U Min Thonze Pagoda and U Pon Nya Shin Pagoda accessible through a covered staircase that ran up the 240 meter (787 feet) hill. It would be a harrowing climb if you think about it, but the ascent is gradual, and you can take your sweet time to get there. From the top, I could see Ava Bridge crossing Ayeyarwaddy.

Sagaing is located 20 kilometers southwest of Mandalay. It is 566 kilometers north of Yangon, roughly a 7-hour bus ride from Mandalay.

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Ramakrishnan said...

Captivating scenery dotted with white pagodas ! An enchanting Buddhist land !

eye in the sky said...

Thanks, Ram. :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello, Lovely photo along with interesting information. The white pagodas jutting above the greenery makes a pretty picture.

Best wishes

eye in the sky said...

Thank you, Joseph. Somehow, Sagaing reminds me of another region of Myanmar... but with the greens, Bagan. Temples jut out of the skyline. :)

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eye in the sky said...

Thank you. :)