Friday, June 19, 2015

Koalas in the Wild in Otway, Victoria (Australia)

Somewhere between Apollo Bay and the lighthouse at Cape Otway of Victoria, the road levels and spreads inland through Otway's rainforest. My tour bus stops at a roadside filled with gum trees. Perching on forked branches were koalas in the wild. The tourmates had a field day koala-spotting. Even from a distance, it was easy to spot them. I would look for a fur ball jutting out of branches. While most koalas ignored us, the gentle animals steered clear from the road. But when our vehicle pulled out to go, one furry soul grew curious and stood very near my window seat. Perfect opportunity to snap a close-up of the cuddly marsupial.

This was a personal coup for me, considering that most koala photos I get to see (from other people's visits in Melbourne and elsewhere) are taken in sanctuaries, controlled environment. This photo was taken from a eucalyptus forest. How cool is that?

Why are koalas sluggish? Information provides that these Eucalyptus trees are delicious, succulent and provide adequate water content to insure their hydration. Other than that, there's nothing much in terms of nutrients. Wouldn't you be sluggish if you only drank water? These koalas, however, looked ravenous if we base their appetite on the bare branches in that part of the forest. These koalas would occasionally fall from the trees (where they eat and sleep), but they'd easily survive and climb back up. Koalas in Victoria are bigger in size than their counterpart in the north because the weather here suits them well.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

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