Sunday, July 6, 2014

Colors and Hospitality Spilling Over Bacolod City Baywalk

It was not until 3PM before the relatively new City Baywalk could welcome visitors, but I was already in the area at 2. I've had lunch at Ted's in SM Bacolod, climbed the Pope John Paul Monument (which is really a multiple story building, i.e. a "tower" more than a monument). Just a block away is one of the city's latest attractions, the Baywalk, which is a perfect place if you require fresh breeze in a well appointed seaside promenade.

I peeped through the gate and a guy saw me. He asked where I was from. "Far away," he smiled. Without much ado, he invited me inside. When he saw that I took tentative steps, he prodded me to move around. "Pasok ka. Punta ka doon." ("Come in. Feel free to roam.") He was pointing at the breakwater where the ocean meets the concrete. Not only was I allowed inside, I didn't have to pay the P10 entrance fee!

Thank you, Bacolod! I take my hats off to the hospitable folks I've met during my visit. What's a test of a sincere welcome is when I don't even have to ask, yet I am ushered in. Now isn't that classy?

This is the Eye in the Sky!

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