Sunday, December 8, 2013

Home Alone at the Promenade - An Oyster Cove Exploration

I've always thought it was a sin not to explore the surroundings of a place I'm visiting, regardless of how seemingly droll or uninteresting it is. So - a day after visiting Southport (Gold Coast's CBD), with Girlie going to work, I opted to stay home so I could explore Oyster Cove Promenade, a community in the suburb of Helensvale.

Oyster Cove, you see, is one of the four localities of the Helensvale suburb; the three others are River Links, Coombabah Lake and Monterey Keys (the closest from Oyster Cove).

But droll it wasn't, and it was far from being uninteresting too. If you're weaned on the rancorous vibe of a city like Metro Manila, this place won't probably suit you. There's hardly a soul in sight, you could spend a good part of the day left to your own devices.

Personally, I couldn't wait to explore the area. Once Girlie drove away, I walked around the very quiet neighborhood. Well appointed homes beside the lake grace the area. RV vans were on sight. And instead of cars, yachts were a common fixture at every lawns. How's that for a residential facade? Only in Helensvale.

Girlie's rose bush which I started watering on a daily basis.

Helensvale's integrated communities are well planned, but the shops are a bit distant from most residences. You have to ring a taxi if you require one as there aren't any plying the mostly-deserted roads. Every household needs a car. While roaming around, I came to a gated community, the Serenity Shores which has 24-hour security and surveillance cameras.

With a man-made body of water dotting almost every cranny, there's always a quiet spot for when you need to gather your thoughts; an pensive corner to breathe the air and smell the flowers... so what do you need a park for? Having said that, the place is spotless - not a litter in sight. Unfortunately, you shall bask on an acute sense of isolation, as though you slept through a catastrophic event that dissipated most of the world's population - and you're its only survivor.

But if that were the case, you can be sure, you wouldn't mind being marooned in a place like Oyster Cove Promenade.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

This small strip of land with a slide  is the community's playground set beside the placid lake.

The roundabout

"Quiet" is an understatement for these very clean streets.


Ola said...

really pretty there!

Ramakrishnan said...

Lovely landscape & greenery here. Looks like sun is shining nice and bright at Oyster Cove. Have a great time.

eye in the sky said...

Thanks, Ola. :)

eye in the sky said...

@ Ram:

Gold Coast enjoys a lot of sunshine every November, December because its the height of summer this season.:)

Unknown said...

This is a really nice place. Very far from Manila. This neighborhood is peaceful and the streets are so impresive. I am planning to build a house or buy a house in this kind of environment.

Dane @ Aklan Business Directory

eye in the sky said...

@ Dane Arsulo:

It is nice. But it probably would be hard to find all this space and serenity within Metro Manila. It would be nice to have a rest house in such environment, I agree. :)