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Suvarnabhumi International Airport - Restaurants & Shops at the 3rd Level (Thailand)

Is it such a scary thought if you find yourself stuck in an airport? Not when you're in Thailand's
Suvarnabhumi ("
Suwanapoom") International Airport. It's safe, comfortable and has plenty of shops that could take your mind off long waits and immediate concerns.

The 3rd level has a row of restaurants and shops that would suit your financial capability. There are sandwiches and noodles to be had at the 2nd level at just 15 to 25B if finances are close to nil. If it's better than this, the 3rd level will have plenty of options.


China Town Restaurant, Tate Cafe, Eat.Ton Thai Food, Caffe Nero by Black Canyon Coffee (there's another Black Canyon inside the pre-departure hall), Starbucks Coffee, S&P Airport Cafe (though unlike most restaurants, this closes in the wee hours, 1-3AM), Top Ten Thai Cuisine - R burger, Kin Jap Restaurant and Ramen (pricey!), Fukuju-an & Fortune Corner (expensive - think 500B an order), Goodies Thai Restaurant and International Cuisine, and Lee Cafe East-West Cuisine.

Other Shops and Services

There's a Thai Bookstore - but even the name of the shop is in Thai characters and most reading materials from tabloids to international novels have been translated in Thai. There's a Boots Pharmacy; Family Mart (a 24-hour convenience store, there's another at the 1st level). The latter has interesting shop clerks: fully made-up katooeys (lady-boys). They also sell siomais, siopaos and sandwiches, aside from the usual convenience store stuff.

There's a Foreign Exchange in this level; a Foot Massage and Spa with 300B rates for 15-30 massages; a Miracle Lounge; a Muslim Prayer Room and a Sanghas and Samanera Lounge for robed monks. There's a Siam Commercial Bank counter which also changes currencies; an Essensuals Hair Salon.

Sangha, of course, is a collective term for all ordained monks and nuns. Samana refers to small renunciate and samanera is a term for those novice (Buddhist) monks. No special room for priests? The Miracle Lounge is a pay-lounge when you want a more comfortable place to wait for your flights.

Medical services are provided by two HMO's: AOT Medical Services by Samitivej Hospital which handles cases Mondays to Fridays at Level 1 , and during weekends and holidays in Level 3 Gate 3. Contact details are found at the last photo below.

Next time you're in a bind and has to stay at the airport for several hours, it won't be that bad. You can gallivant, explore the airport and relax.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

China Town Restaurant

Eat.Ton Thai Food

S&P Airport Cafe: restaurant, bakery, coffee. (above and below)

Thai Bookstore

Family Mart

Top Ten Thai Cuisine & R Burger

Kin Japanese Restaurant and Ramen

Fukuju-an Restaurant

Fortune Corner

Goodies Thai Restaurant & International Cuisine

Lee Cafe East-West Cafe

Foot Massage and Spa

Essentuals Beauty and Hair Salon

Sanghas and Samanera Lounge

The 3rd level

General information and a little history of Suvarnabhumi -

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