Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mactan Cebu International Airport Departure Hall

Much like your arrival in Cebu, getting to your departure is a no-frills experience at the Mactan Cebu International Airport.

The Departure Hall is roughly divided into 3 parts: the Entrance Hall (which is lined with small shops, an ATM machine and a PhilPost counter); the Check-in Hall (you get through the airport's lone security check before heading towards your respective counter for check-in); the Pre-Departure Area which has more shops (please check out our separate posts on these shops).

After checking -in, you're supposed to pay for your Airport Fee of P200 or $4.60 (for domestic flights) before heading towards your Gate, but this fee has mostly been incorporated when you purchased your plane ticket. Check your itinerary.

 Passengers bound for Davao, Manila and Kalibo are assigned a special hallway (a room) at the extreme left of the predeparture area (and away from the shops). This is mostly Gate 5. There is a stall with 3 table screen for your internet browsing, but since a lot of people tend to monopolize its use, don't bet on being able to check your mails there... unless you get lucky.

The departure hall has 4 jetways (boarding bridges) but plans are underway to add two more to accommodate increasing traffic. On the whole, MCIA is a convenient gateway to your next destination, if a tad undersized for its reputation as the Philippines' second biggest airport and gateway to the country.

Have a safe flight, everyone.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Arriving into the airport's Departure Hall.

PNB ATM machine just outside the departure hall. There are a couple more ATM's inside.


"Atin To" (This is Ours) is one of the bigger shops found at the Departure Building before entering the check-in counter. It has souvenir items, handicrafts, books, etc.

A new shop just before check-in called cXpress, just beside the PhilPost counter.

Money changer just before entering the check in counter hallway.

BPI and Landbank ATM machines are found inside just before security check to your check in counters. 

A wall of plants has been incorporated into the departure entrance.

Entrance into the first security check and into the check-in hallway is for ticketed guests only.

This used to be the older entrance to the check-in counters. The new one (above) has a lot more breathing space.

The view after the security (Xray) check. This area has the Quarantine Office, a phone booth, and a new Concierge Luggage and More (left luggage, shipping packing) beside the Malayan Insurance Counter.
The busier side of the check-in counter hallway is the Cebu Pacific side.

Check in counters. Counters are duly assigned - this one is for the Cebu Pacific which has a more extensive network. The airline counters are as follows: Cebu Paciific, then Philippine Airlines, Airphil Express then Zest Air at the end of the hallway beside the Marlboro Smoking Lounge and Cafe.

Check in counters. Cebu Pac has greatly improved customer relations, unlike our last visit here and elsewhere. Their ground personnel are polite, accommodating and easily offer a smile; a demeanor that is gravely required in this anxious-ridden industry. Bravo to their current human resources and training arm.

This was where Airport Tax of P200 ($4.60) is paid but this has been mostly incorporated upon purchase of your ticket.

A smoking lounge cum cafe at the Check-in Hall. There's another smoking lounge (Buon Volo) at the Predeparture Area. Beside this is Bo's Coffee.

Predeparture area servicing flights to Davao, Manila and Kalibo. This is a separate room (Gate5) from the bigger hall with shops.

Facade of Mactan Cebu International Airport's Departure Hall. This photo only courtesy of wikpedia's magalhaes.

New Set of Shops at the Domestic Pre-departure Hall:


abrahamdsl said...

i was waiting on the same lounge last Nov 10, 10. ho ho ho. ang nakakainis nga lang, madilim na sa labas, tapos may tint pa tapos delayed ang flight - di ko din nakikita ang nasa labas.

thanks for this, feeling nostalgic. tama, ang baba masyado ng ceiling.


eye in the sky said...

You do wonder why it's taking them forever to renovate t into an airport worthy of servicing the country's second most important city. And the waiting area between departure and arrival isn't as conducive to relaxation as NAIA T3.