Friday, June 3, 2011

The Washing Woman at Dulalpur Bridge - Sonargaon Tales

When you're navigating around Sonargaon on a rickshaw, you're bound to catch some images that will take your breath away for their sheer natural beauty. Funny thing is, the locals aren't even aware that they walk on and live around some of the most picturesque vistas in Asia. Take for example the sight of a woman, veiled in red, slouched down before a pond inundated by water lilies. The little space where water floats by becomes this woman's natural laundromat. And though I was conscious of taking a photograph for the possibility that it will be misconstrued as rudeness or plain obtrusion, some involuntary muscle started clicking for this particular snap. And I know that when I am old and grey, this will be among my favorites. This photo was taken on a moving rickshaw.

We sauntered through a pre-mughal bridge (from an era where sultans ruled this once ancient capital) until we reached a piece of land teeming with imeldific canopies. And in the sheer lushness of their foliage stood what they called Kalo Dargah (Black Mausoleum). Nothing much was said about it except that some important historical figure lay here in his eternal rest.

Kalo Dargah (Mafuz spelled it "kalo dorgah") rises like a church, it slopes as it reaches its pedestal. The surface is rough, half gothic, and dark - thus its name. There's nothing much to see as there's no windows to peep in, nor doors.

Nearby was another dark structure called Ondhokar Masjid (Dark Mosque), but we were in quick transit. I am partial to the puddles of bodies of water that I found in several areas around Sonargaon. After all, 4 great rivers bind this once great capital. When there's water, people always find ways to live - and that's something to celebrate.

This is the Eye in the Sky.

Pre-mughal structure called Dulalpur Bridge

Kalo Dargah or Black Mausoleum


Ola said...

the first picture is like from Noational Geographic!very good
You are right-the locals may not even realize how pretty are their surroundings

eye in the sky said...

That's a very nice compliment. Thanks, Ola.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

Nice pictures...the green is infectious and makes me itch to travel right away!

The kalo dargah is awesome too...such a great setting...

eye in the sky said...

Thanks, Sidd. I think the red cloth contrasts beautifully with all the greens around thus framing the picture nicely. :->