Friday, May 7, 2010

Philippines – A Stroll Around Quezon City Hall Complex

Quezon City used to be the capital of the Philippines, and it went on for 28 years (1948-1976). Named after Manuel Quezon, the Philippine President during the Commonwealth Republic of the Philippines, QC was once a conglomeration of small towns. President Quezon patterned the inception of QC right after he visited Mexico! More importantly, QC was where Katipunan’s Andres Bonifacio declared the revolution against Spain – in Melchora Aquino’s house, somewhere in Project 8.

These days, QC is the most populous city in the Philippines with 2.7 million residents in it. It is home to most of the major television networks; Megamall and SM North Edsa, Gateway, Trinoma and the Araneta Complex. I’ve recently visited its City Hall. Though most of my career trainings in the past were located in Quezon City, I almost never roam. I remember attending some medico-legal cases at the Hall of Justice some years back as training requisites, but I was never interested in checking the exterior complex. That was then.

The whole QC Hall Complex is home to 3 statues of Philippine National Heroes: former President Manuel Quezon, Revolutionary Leader Andres Bonifacio, and the country’s National Hero – Dr. Jose Rizal. In its vicinity is a neglected park which has a lot of possibilities, dedicated to its sister city – New Westminster BC Canada, which we shall feature in the next post.
This is the Eye in the Sky.

President Manuel Quezon's statue, right in front of the main building.

QC Hall of Justice

National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal, ophthalmologist, novelist, and international loverboy. ;->

Revolutionary leader of the Katipunan - Andres Bonifacio: declared war against Spain.

Map/locator of Quezon City courtesy of wikipedia.

Bonifacio when it rained.

Up Next: QC Hall Park and Lagoon dedicated to New Westminster BC Canada -

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