Friday, January 22, 2010

KLCC Aquaria Part 4 - Moon Jellies and the Souvenir Shop

I was once stung by Jellyfish while wading in the shores of Snake Island in Puerto Princesa. It was like getting belted with salted spikes - my leg was sore and had a tender rash for a couple of days. Considered the "cockroaches of the ocean", jellyfish explosions are brought about by the rising temperatures of the seas and the depletion of jellyfish predators. Aquaria has Moon Jellies – a relatively less toxic species with less flagrant tentacles. You find them at the end of the Aquaria tour just before you exit and head to the Souvenir Shop. The shop has a lot to offer. They have some of the “cutest” stuff toys and replica ships; shirts, pendants, pens, postcards, key chains, and many other items.

Jellyfish don't have a brain; no blood, no eye, no bones and no nervous system either. 95% of them is made up of water!

The Moon Jellies are the least toxic type of Jellyfish.

A view from the top.

Miniature ships on sale at the Souvenir Shop.

There's a food court at the entrance of the KLCC Aquaria, with several options to choose from. The good news is, they offer very affordable food; cheaper than when you're having a KFC or McDonald's meal.

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