Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thai in the Sky - Arrival in Bangkok

Pure gold...
Wat Pho

Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

Bangkok - With a lot of anxiety, I braved the streets of the Thai capital. Even at 11:50PM, the air was hanging thick with humidity. So hot! At least in Manila, nights are mild and comfortable.
Earlier this morning, I was hesitant to go out of my room, but a rioting gastrointestinal system decided what to do. I looked from inside my hotel. Looked safe. No one seems to be throwing water around. It is still the last day of the Songkran - the water festival. There are so signs of the political unrest either. As the news would have it from last night, the demonstrations have been called off by the red-shirt leaders. Fine!

As I strolled outside Rajprarop street, Pratunam was uncharacteristically depopulated. People were still in their provinces to celebrate the new year with their family. The concretes were blotted with white specks. Moving taxis and parked cars were smeared with dried talc/ soft chalk.
I proceeded to the nearby Indra Mall and ventured into the most delicious McDo Big Breakfast in years! Jeez! The hash brown was to die for. Or was I just hungry. Doesn't matter, I was happy. 115 baht with coke instead of coffee. Bought a couple of postcards at 10 baht each, then walked back through Rajprarop to look for internet cafes.

What used to be an easy find isn't today. Shops are shut. I walked towards side streets. Somewhere further, I turned left and just roamed the street straight ahead. At the end of the isquinita - Pantip Plaza! Wow! I looked for another street that would ultimately lead me back to Rajprarop.

At a block, I saw a couple of kids, throwing water at a passerby. Oops. I walked faster. Success. Up further, I saw an older guy carrying a pail full of water. Uh oh, trouble. As I noticed him inch his way towards me, I shouted, "Noooooo...." then made a dash away from him! Hah! You thought you'd get me? Hahaha. Success again!

Then as I drew closer to my hotel, I didn't notice this little child holding his water pistol! Bullseye! Sprayed to my face and arms. At least this wasn't the messy talc. But I now have tales to tell. Spoils of war - care of a child. Haha.

My morning ends with joyous defeat. My first day in Bangkok.

To compensate for my crushed ego, I bought 2 pieces of deep fried garlic chicken legs from the road side. They have always been my favorite. 15 baht a piece. My price!

This is the Eye in the Sky.

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