Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eden Nature Park, Brgy. Eden, Mount Talomo, Davao City

Davao City is a huge city in terms of area. There used to be a time when people would refer to it as the world's biggest – in terms of area (though not of generalized development). It is so big that a visit facilitates a vast number of possibilities – from a sea adventure, to a mountain trek, or just plain urban tour for the lazybones. Recently however, I’ve read somewhere that Davao is in fact the world’s 8th biggest city. It’s laidback elegance makes it a new favorite among local tourists.

One of its major attractions is
Eden Nature Park, a nature preserve that's 95% man-made. Owned by the Ayalas of Davao (not related to the Ayalas of Makati), this decade-old park is a lush tropical haven. Fruit trees (mangosteens, durian, etc.), vegetables and flowering plants – as well as animals - abound in this 80-hectare park. Situated in Mount Talomo, it takes about 1 hour to travel from the city center to this resort/park. Reservations are required. Walk-in visitors may be entertained, but at peak season, there is the possibility of being refused entry.

An entrance fee of P420/person is paid upon reservation. This includes the entrance fee and lunch buffet. There is an optional park tour (P55/tour) with a guided vehicle). This will cover around 60% of the area: cottages, treks and trails, amphitheatre, mini-zoo, fishing village, etc. (45 minutes). At the end of the tour, guests can opt to try their Skyrider offering (P150/person) - basically hanging on ropes in mid-air.

My favorite spot is the amphitheater. A seasonal jade vine blooms twice a year. The lookout-point is now filled with 6-foot shrubs so views to the city isn’t as spectacular as it used to be. Buffet has an abundance of local gastronomic offerings including the delicious pork asado. Their green salads are to-die for. The “Indiana Jones” harnessess have been extended to the adjoining lot which has a steeper “fall”. Be careful of the whiplash upon reaching the bottom slide! And the butt may hurt too!

With an elevation of 3,500 feet above sea level, expect a cool weather on most days. Once again, it is important to reserve for the “tour-guided package” because you need a vehicle to circumnavigate the park. Eighty (80) hectares isn’t easy to roam if you only have a day. Visit their site: for inquiries.

Eden Trivia:

The park is named after the Barangay – and Barangay Eden got its name from the first Bagobo woman known to have set foot in the area ages ago. Another trivia: Folk singer Joey Ayala is said to be related to the Ayalas of Davao (owners of Eden).

The amphitheater - with the jade vine.

These flowers are about 6 feet tall, so this is a favorite photo site for tourists.

Matinlo Falls

Someone is assigned daily to take care of this school of hibiscus (gumamela) at a water-logged well.

Bahay kubo/nipa hut

The aviary trail

Gentle stream flows amidst a bloom of flowers they call "Everywhere" near the monkey trail.

A view of the city from the lookout point at Jack's Ridge.

This is the Eye in the Sky!


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