Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Avoid Mary Grace Cafe at NAIA Terminal 3 - Great Cakes, Horrible Service!

We've covered every nook and cranny of NAIA Terminal 3, but with the opening of the Food Court in this terminal, there's so much more to cover and explore. A few weeks ago, we were there waiting for an arrival. We decided to get a snack and finally settled with Mary Grace Cafe, with its elegant interiors and homey feel. 


We sat outside. After 10 minutes, no one came so we called a waitress, short and plump and joyless, who said she'd "call the server" - what was she, the Queen? Five minutes later, she was getting someone else's order inside. Anyway, 10 minutes passed. No one came. We decided to sit inside. What's wrong with these people? Are they blind? Brain challenged? Do they need to be called to offer us menu or take our orders? We've finally coaxed someone to do this. After giving our choices: Mango Bene and an Apple Pie, we asked for the bill ASAP because we were set back by these long waits already.

The cakes were great actually. Unfortunately, I cannot go on waiting for people who's supposed to do the "waiting". We paid - and the change was given. Guess what? They forgot the other "Mango Bene, we had to call them again. Are these people idiots? The cafe wasn't even full, there were only 3 tables occupied inside so what is taking them forever to do? This, if they need reminding, is an airport. People are in a hurry. They have to factor this is. Just before the last Mango Bene came, we got a text message from my mother who finally arrived. Maybe it's apropos delay: Mary Grace Cafe wants to be in sync with the terminal's frequent delays so everything is as messy in this restaurant as the influx of flights and people arriving belatedly.

Bill for 3 cakes and drinks (coke) - P800+ Now I wouldn't mind this bill if service was not horrible!


Horrible service! So to the thousands of people who follow our airport updates, take note! Avoid Mary Grace Cafe!

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Mango Bene

Apple pie
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Bigwas said...

NAIA Terminal 3 is where my favorite cebu pacific international is hosted....

eye in the sky said...

Mine too. :)