Thursday, February 10, 2011

NAIA Terminal 3 Pre-Departure Shops (2011) - Part 5 of 5

In this last part in our series on NAIA Terminal 3, we'll allow the photos to do much of the talking. Here are some of the shops available for your perusal if you happen to have more time than necessary prior to your flight, just before heading to your respective Gates.

The shop right across the last security check and xray is Victoria's Secret  (who would buy sexy lingerie at the airport, I wonder) and just beside it is Air Mall which now carries a Krispy Kreme counter.

Mixed Lifestyle is situated beside Le Boutique (selling bags, flip flops, caps), which is beside a coffee house - KR Express (Kopiroti). There is a Money Exchange Counter just beside Let's Chow Restaurant. This Forex counter is open from 2AM to 6PM.

Cinnabon is close by beside Mrs. Field's Cafe. Cafe France stands beside Red Ribbon which shares its space with GoNuts Donuts - at the center aisle of the hallway. Gate 116 is flanked by Espresamente (closes at 8:30PM) and Mrs. Fields. Meanwhile, a Rajah Maynila stall stands beside Pondohan.While Pondohan sells a smorgasbord items from candies to cigarettes a la sari sari store, Rajah now offers affordable rice meals like beef pares at P89, luglug at P99. They have 2 long tables (no chair beside their stall), just across gate 117.

Update as of May 14, 2011: Chaikofi Restaurant Cafe is now open, flanked by Chipstead at each side. A National Bookstore branch is also open, found between KR Express and Island Souvenirs.

There's a new Crew Lounge right across the Citibank counter. At the vicinity of Gate 117, there's Muhlach's Ensaymada (a bread shop franchise owned by former child actor Nino Muhlach). Beside it is Fruitas (Fresh From Babot's Farm) if you're into fresh fruit shakes (P45 for a small glass).

A new EBG Convenience Shop across Gate 118 combines convenience store and fast food - rice toppings for P100, although I have to say that soda drinks are way overpriced at P50. Also nearby - Hen Lin and Kape Manila which has comfy looking lounge seats. Gate 119 has Stop n Fly Cafe, which is a smoking joint. Stress Away Massage is a spa-inspired installation near Gate 120 which hosts flights of PAL Express. Rates: whole body massage 1 hour - P1000; half hour - P500. Chair massage (foot, leg and scalp) for 30 minutes at P500. Gate 120 is the hallway's last gate at the extreme end.

As of March 2014, there are more shops in the vicinity of Gates 130/131 to 134 (go down the escalator to level 1 predeparture and boarding gates).  Army Navy Burger + Burrito, Mrs. Fields (the 2nd shop in the pre-departure area; the first one is a cafe near the security X-ray entrance), a Nescafe Point, and of course, the same EBG Convenience Shop mentioned earlier. There's also the Siloam Day Spa in the vicinity. The chairs have been arranged in rows of two's with 4-chairs each. This provides more space to walk around in compared to the "cordoned" arrangement of the past. As of August 2014, a Jamba Juice and another Krispy Kreme (a bigger, more proper shop) have opened beside Army Navy. 


As of March 2015, "Kase - Paris" has opened a branch beside the new "Bath and Body Works". "Sir, we can personalize your iPhone case while you wait, and it won't take long. It's scratch proof - and it's from (drum roll, please! - Paris!" The sales girl talked shop. Did she say Paris for the 3rd time? LOL. She even offered if I wanted a photo of myself as a phone case! Who would want his face on his phone case? Ugh. But then this would be a proprietary move. No need for identifying tags if you have your face on your phone.


And just so you avoid delays, if you're taking a meal or snack at the Food Court, we feel we need this special mention. Avoid Mary Grace Cafe. The place is messy, the servers take forever to serve you and they forget orders.


While operations in T3 have gone full throttle, it's becoming clear that what was once a relaxing "space" is now starting to resemble a madhouse. In fact, there's hardly a space for me to wait while waiting for my plane for Bacolod: no seats available and no space to even stand on for the wait, I had to stand for 30 minutes before I was able to get a chair. 

New arrangement of the chairs near Gate 130 as of March 2014.

Army Navy Burger + Burrito is open until 6PM.

The second Mrs. Fields cookie shop in the pre-departure area.

Nescafe Point is open from 7:30AM to 8PM.

EBG Convenience Store with pricey drinks, you feel like you're drinking gold. When drinks are this expensive, you feel like they don't deserve the term "convenience".

There are pay phone units near "Stop n Fly". These phone units accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex), coins and PLDT call cards.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Victoria's Secret is open from 2AM to 8PM.

Air Mall, the shop beside Victoria's Secret near the security check. They also sell Krispy Kreme donuts. Note that their Krispy Kreme does not sell singles. When I tried to buy one, the sales lady handed me one - for "free"! "Complimentary, sir," she smiled. They only sell them in boxes. Wasn't I just lucky? Krispy Kreme has another branch near Gate 33, 1st level and open from 2AM to 6PM.

Let's Chow! Money Exchange counter standing beside it. To its right is the Air Mall and a Foreign Exchange Counter.

Delifrance. As of October 2011, they have renamed it to Cafe France. They're open until 5PM.

Tick Tock Flip Flop - standing beside Mixed Lifestyle and KR Express. Nearby is Le Boutique.

Island Souvenirs (above and below) opens at 2AM and closes at 6PM.

As of March 2015, 2 new shops have opened, just across "Let's Chow": "Kase - Paris" (left) sells phone cases and even customize or personalize designs for your iPhones. "Bath and Body Works" sells errr...well, figure it out. :)

Cinnabon (above and below)

Mrs. Fields Cafe - beside it is the stair that leads to Gate 116.

Art's Cream Gallery - Gelato and Cafe

NAIA 3 2011 Departure Hall and Services -

Airport Terminal, Left Luggage and Viewing Gallery

Covered Parking

Pondohan stands beside the Rajah Maynila stall.

"Kape Manila" sells rice meals, and they have comfortable tables. This is located near gate 120.

For specific inquiries, here are some important telephone numbers and email addresses at T3:

Airport Trunkline+63.2.877-7888
Asst. Terminal
Lost & Found+63.2.877-7888
Bureau of Animal Industry+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Customs+63.2.877-7888 loc.8127/
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Immigration+63.2.877-7888 loc.8128/
Bureau of Plant Industry+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Quarantine+63.2.877-7888 loc.8125/
DENR Wildlife Traffic Monitoring Unit+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Philippine Overseas Employment Adminnistration+63.2.877-7888
Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority+63.2.877-7888 loc.8159
Customer Relations
Passenger & Customer Relations+63.2.877-7888 loc.
Terminal Administration+63.2.877-7888 loc.
Terminal Security & Safety+63.2.877-7888 loc.