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NAIA Terminal 3 Shopping Complex & Dining Center (2011) - Part 3 of 5

NAIA Terminal 3's 3rd floor level - just an elevator ride from the Departure Hall - is a little haven of shops and restaurants. When you need to get something to eat before your flight, I would suggest you get your meal here, rather than at the shops inside the Pre-Departure Hall which are relatively more expensive! Here, you have Jollibee, which now has a full corner of its own beside Shakey's Pizza. One of NAIA's latest restaurants - IeatWell Cafe and Deli has black tables and flickering candles.


Different choices of microwaved rice meals at cheap prices, as well as drinks could be had in 7-11 or Mini-stop which now has "Toppers" - rice toppings priced at P52 or P75 if with Lipton Iced Tea. Choices include Bicol Express, Liempo, Dinuguan, sisig, chicken adobo, menudillo and beef caldereta. How's that for options? Mini-Stop and Seven-Eleven (7-11) are open 24 hours.

Halo-Halo. For the foreigners who want to tick off a must-try gastronomy, the "halo-halo"is available at , of all places, a Hokkaido Ramen House-inspired Japanese restaurant called "Raku"" for just PhP135.

There's even a coffee shop (Kopiroti) and a Japanese restaurant (Raku). More peso to spare? Try the italian restaurant Andiamo! But even Andiamo is now competitive, advertising value meals - but don't hold your breath for that: their value Beef Stroganoff, Beef Salpicao, and Chicken Cordon Bleu are priced at P249 "all-in"! Their breakfast deals include Beef Tapa, Corned Beef, and tocino at P149 each. Halo halo costs P95. Beef noodle is P150, chicken noodle is P130. As of October 2014, Andiamo has closed shop. Read the succeeding paragraph.

Shakey's Pizza recently opened, located at the extreme corner of the food court, just beside the new Pancake House. A Mister Donut shop stands beside Kopiroti. At the opposite corner, Yellow Cab stands along Dimsum and Dumplings which offers inexpensive rice meals at P79 (with choices that include Chicken Mushroom, Braised Beef, Spareribs, Patatim, Ampalaya, and my favorite - Chicken Curry). 

Raku (Hokkaido Ramen House) enjoys almost-full capacity these days so food must be good here. Just beside it is the minimalist, Cowan Asian Express - their pork tocino at P145 feel overpriced and is nothing special. Flanked between Cowan and Andiamo is Kenny Roger's Roasters. As mentioned earlier, Andiamo has ceased to exist, it's space now occupied by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. To its right is the newly opened Wendy's.


And just so you avoid delays, if you're taking a meal or snack at the Food Court, we feel we need this special mention. Avoid Mary Garce Cafe. The place is messy, the servers take forever to serve you and they forget orders. 

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf across Kenny Rogers Roasters occupy what used to be Andiamo. It's open until 2AM then resumes in the morning.

Wendy's is located beside (right of) Coffee Bean. Wendy's is open 24 hours daily.

At the opposite lane from Raku, there is a 2-in-1 buffet-and-massage service of Le Amoretto Cafe and Bar, coupled with Sm Kenko Spa (which has a branch at the international pre-departure area). Further afield, nearer to the once secluded Andiamo (now occupied by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf), is Fashion Rack, occupying a considerable space right up to the front. Segue Outlet, flanked by Fashion Rack shops, sells travel luggage and accouterments. Tommy Hilfiger products are sold in the same shop outlet. 

Beside 7-11 is the new Seattle's Best, located beside the stair, and then followed by Teresa's Pasalubong, which seems misplaced beside a sport and apparel shop (Fashion Rack).

Seattle's Best has very inviting interiors. It's open 24 hours daily.

Teresa's Pasalubong seems misplaced beside Fashion Rack (the second shop)


What used to be a small Jollibee counter has been expanded. It is set behind the row of restaurants directly opposite the escalator. Jollibee now has its own dining hall which is cramped most of the time. I recently ordered (June 2014) through a huge crowd and got all my orders wrong. My iced tea became a pineapple juice and my take-out (had to because there was no table inside) was on a plate instead of a take-out box.

Within this Jollibee cove, there's a Fruitas House of Dessert, Tiktilaok Honey Roasted Chicken, Chowtime serving dimsum, congee, etc; another Teresa's Pasalubong (selling Pinoy delicacies).

There's a Green Bean Organic Coffee stall near the stair/escalator which sells oat meal cookies at P30 a piece; all day bagels at P60; chicken pesto melt at P80; a glass of coffee at P80. At the same row, I noticed newly installed pay phones which accepts coins, credit cards and PLDT cards.


And just so you avoid delays, if you're taking a meal or snack at the Food Court, we feel we need this special mention. Avoid Mary Grace Cafe. The place is messy, the servers are inattentive and take forever to serve you and they forget orders. 

With additional shops cropping up every week (heck, about 20 of these were not here just a month ago), this shopping/dining complex will just shake off those traveling blues.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Illy Coffee Bar with their comfy red sofa set. (above and below) There's another stall of Illy Coffee Shop - "Espressamente" - at the pre-departure area (where gates 131-133 are).

The Fashion Rack Designer Outlet

This duty-free shop is open 24 hours daily.

Rudy Project bags in their incandescent beauty.

Another Victoria's Secret outlet located at the Food Court hall at the 3rd floor, one level above the Departure Hall. The other Victoria's Secret shop is at the domestic pre-departure hall.

Trilogy shop

Bath and Body Works at the domestic pre-departure area.

7-11. I could swear there isn't this much choice at my nearest 7-11. They also sell inexpensive Fried Chicken set which can be served with rice if you want to. It's open 24 hours daily.

Stuffed pandesal (stuffed bread) - mine had pork (below).

Several empty halls at the 3rd floor. (above and below)

Fashion Rack's duty-free items. Open 24 hours at the 4th level.

Havainnas has a new store at the terminal, and is open until 10PM. Did you know that this store is even bigger than their main branch in hometown Brazil, particularly in Ipanema's shopping district?

If you're rush-shopping for a toy, visit the appropriately named "Don't Forget the Kids" at the 4th level near McDonalds, open 24 hours daily.

Unusually late, McDonalds is finally in Terminal 3 as of February 2015, located near Havaiaana's. It's open 24 hours daily.

Minimalist "Andiamo!" - pasta, pizza, pannini! One of the few fine dining places at the 3rd floor outside the pre-departure hall. It offers more space - and solitude - at the opposite side. Unfortunately, with more restaurants with more affordable rates, Andiamo has folded. Coffee Bean (I think) has taken its space.

Grand Kitchen

Raku Japanese Restaurant - a Hokkaido Ramen House: popular and usually packed.  Now it has considerable competitions. Beside Raku, to its left is Kusina which serves Filipino cuisine, with a very busy staff calling for customers, like barkers on a bus terminal. You'd notice them from their shouts just behind the usually-empty police bunk. Raku is open 24 hours daily. Raku also serves halo-halo. Someone asked me about it a few months back.

Main Food Court: Yellow Cab, Dimsum and Dumplings, Mini Stop - all of these shops are open 24 hours daily.

Up Next - Parts 4 & 5

Update (February 6, 2012): NAIA Terminal 3 Part 6
Shops and Restaurants at the international Pre-Departure area of NAIA Terminal 3 -

Airport Chapel, Left Luggage and Viewing Gallery -

NAIA Terminal 3 Takes in Some Color

Updated June 14, 2014.

Kopiroti has a smaller space located just beside the escalator. Their "bigger" branch - called KR Express" - is located inside the pre-departure area which is open from 2AM to 6PM..

There's a new Duty-Free Shop located at the ground level Departure Hall, near Burger King. this is near the entrance to the Covered Parking Building. It's open 24 hours daily.
Credit card calling phones (also accepts Philippine coins) for calls anywhere in the world.


The Wings Transit Lounge is now open at the 3rd level where the food court is. It has capsule beds, a twin for 2, a bunk for 3 and a family room for 4 persons with 5 and 8 hour rates inclusive of light meals, and additional provisions for shower use. PLEASE visit the separate post for more information on accommodations at the Wings Transit Lounge. We will NOT be entertaining additional questions about Wings Transit Lounge other than what's being provided in the aforementioned post.  Check it out here -

For specific inquiries, here are some important telephone numbers and email addresses at T3:

Airport Trunkline+63.2.877-7888
Asst. Terminal
Lost & Found+63.2.877-7888
Bureau of Animal Industry+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Customs+63.2.877-7888 loc.8127/
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Immigration+63.2.877-7888 loc.8128/
Bureau of Plant Industry+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Bureau of Quarantine+63.2.877-7888 loc.8125/
DENR Wildlife Traffic Monitoring Unit+63.2.877-7888 loc.8238/
Philippine Overseas Employment Adminnistration+63.2.877-7888
Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority+63.2.877-7888 loc.8159
Customer Relations
Passenger & Customer Relations+63.2.877-7888 loc.
Terminal Administration+63.2.877-7888 loc.
Terminal Security & Safety+63.2.877-7888 loc.


merlmd said...

I have not travelled much but Changi is impressive like one big mall. I guess since Singapore is a shopping paradise, it's airport reflects what it is best known for.

eye in the sky said...

@ merlmd:

That's so true. Everything about Singapore is impressive, to be honest, including its airport.

Thailand's Suvarnabhumi's International Pre-Departure (in my observation) is similarly impressive. The shops there are too plenty to "document" I wouldn't even try. But I will be coming up with a series of features on Suvarnabhumi soon. :)

here said...

That's impressive. Having shops to dine in before or after shopping is a great way to enjoy the moment.

Lc said...

TNX for ur blog, it helped my husband out allot before his flight.

eye in the sky said...

You're welcome, LC. Hope your husband had a safe flight. :)

Krzyb said...


I'll be arriving on a flight arnd 4.55am

I'll probably spend a couple of hours in the airport till sun rise and for my friends to reach arnd 7/8am

So I wanna know if the arrival hall is equipped with proper amenities such as good seating and toilet with shower?

And if they have any pod hotel for us to crash a few hours?

Appreciate the answer! Thanks!

eye in the sky said...

Terminal 3 has recently opened a "capsule" hotel. It isn't located at the arrival hall but at the upper level with rates ranging from PhP800+ to PhP2,000 depending on the type of room. There are a few seats at the foyer just outside the arrival hall, but if they're occupied, there are waiting halls "all over" the terminal, some at the shoulders of each level. There are spacious and impeccably maintained toilets all over the terminal too where you can freshen up, but they're not equipped with showers. If you're arriving at around 5 AM, then you'd probably be out of the immigration counter and baggage hall just before 6, thus availing yourself of a room at their hotel wouldn't be too cost effective if you're expected to meet your friends and leave at 7AM. But if it's shower you want, this "hotel" obviously has that, and they're really meant for transits.

Unknown said...

Do you know any restaurant selling Halo-Halo at NAIA Terminal 3? I've read your review and found Andiamo sell it, but Andiamo already close. I find it that Terminal 1 selling it but it's too far.

Btw, thank you so much your review help me a lot :)

eye in the sky said...


Outside the pre-departure, you could try Shakeys and Pancake House. They should have that although it could be a seasonal serving. Both restaurants are found at the Food Court one level from the Departure hall through the escalator. The Frezbox at the international pre-departure area (near the money exchange counter) sells ice cream so they may have halo halo as well. Also at the food court, just before Jollibee is a Pinoy Restaurant. You can ask them if they serve halo halo. Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Can you still dine in the resto at level 3 after immigration?

eye in the sky said...

If you're particularly referring to the Food Court at Level 3, no you can't go back after doing your immigration formalities. This is because you will be officially "stamped out" of the Philippines once you pass through immigration. Getting out to go to the Food Court means you would have to get "stamped back in" then get "stamped out" again to catch your flight. Get it?

If you're concerned about food or shopping, you can do that AFTER immigration. There are shops and restaurants open at the predeparture area (international or domestic) even during the wee hours.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'll be coming in from Sydney at 6pm and then my sister will be arriving from Florida at 10pm. We'll both be disembarking at Terminal 3. My question -- is there a place (a restaurant?)in the arrival area where I can wait until my sister arrives? Thanks very much for any info you can provide.

eye in the sky said...

There are several restaurants at the arrival hall. Upon exit out of the baggage claim area, you either turn to the left end, which has the following restaurants: "Le Bistro", "Mommy's Goodies and Foodtsuff", "Chubby China", "Eat+Drink" - or you can turn right which has Burget King and Tsim Sha Tsui. This info is provided at the Ärrival Hall"post which will give you an overview of what to expect in that area. Just search for the blog entry. Otherwise, since you have about 3-4 hours in your hand, you can avail of transit rooms at the Wings Transit Lounge at the 3rd floor (where the food court is). There's an PhP880 room for a 5 hour stay, inclusive of capsule bed, light meal and shower us. Read @ You may leave your luggage at the Left Luggage (also at the Arrival Hall) and window shop or visit the Pope John Paul II chapel at the mezzanine, if you'd rather not rest at the transit lounge.

Anonymous said...

I am arriving in Terminal 2 (PAL) around 6:30PM and would need to wait for at least 2 hours for my pick-up to arrive due to color coding and heavy traffic in Manila. I am thinking of going to Terminal 3 to have my dinner there first and have some coffee. Is there a shuttle bus from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3?



eye in the sky said...
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eye in the sky said...


There are airport shuttles called "Airport Loop" servicing the 4 terminals. Ticketed passengers ride for free while non-ticket holders pay PhP20. I don't know exactly where their station is at NAIA2 but I am sure you can ask that upon arrival.

Please refer to this post for photo reference:

It seems like a big production number though shuttling between terminals just for coffee, but yeah, Terminal 3 is a much better place to wait. :)

Kuya dxb said...

Hi I'm arriving from dxb to naia terminal 3 on dec 28 and my next flight to davao by cebu pac in the same i need to go out the terminal or is there a way from arrival area to departure area?


eye in the sky said...

Kuya dxb:

You will be coming into the country from overseas which means that your point of entry is the NAIA Terminal 3. You will clear immigration (whether you're a Filipino or not) in the same terminal upon arrival. It's a relatively fast procedure. Then you'd have to claim your baggage from the same terminal before exiting out of the baggage claim area, NOT out of the terminal. International flights by Cebu Pacific won't book your baggage all the way to your succeeding local destination. Do you have to leave the terminal? No. You exit the arrival hall with your claimed luggage, turn left and find the escalator to the 2nd floor and check in again for your domestic flight.

Cristina Ang said...

Thanks for all the information