Friday, April 26, 2013

Daytime at People's Park - Davao City Sights

The last time we visited Davao City's "People's Park", it was after dark when the lights rendered the life-sized statues of Kublai Millan a certain frivolity. But daytime gives them a more natural rendering because you see them the way they are without the element of nocturnal drama. Make no mistake, the pieces still exude theatricality and you can't help ogle at them. Even the simplest depictions - a woman sweeping the ground, a farmer hauling away a bunch of bananas, a maiden mopping the floor, a couple walking on stilts - are a joy to watch.

There were several statues I missed during my last two visits -and these we caught this time. The park is really an oasis in the very heart of Davao City.

At the gallery (left) was a photo exhibit of some of the great churches of the Philippines including several colonial/dated ones that I saw last time I was in Iloilo.

People's Park feels like a gift for the locals. Admission is free and there's security at the entrance gate. People could relax here, sit on benches under canopies, watch people jog, etc. It's just too bad that the fountains don't work in the daytime. It seems that the fountains have very limited "work hours" because the last time we visited in the evening, they weren't functioning as well.

Our first time visit is posted here (with more information):

Night Stroll

Larger Than Life Statues

For first time visitors, they shouldn't miss dropping by People's Park. More photos of the ground up next.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Flower vendors


Fruit and vegetable peddlers

Fish vendors

It's time to party!


NRIGirl said...

Interesting how these "faces" do not resemble any race in particular.

eye in the sky said...

I know. The faces are so round and flat... but I guess this is how the artist wants to depict the Filipino face in general: bridgeless noses with spread out ala nasi. :)