Friday, December 28, 2012

Jaw Dropping Christmas Opulence in Kuala Lumpur

If there was a single place Santa Claus wouldn't mind visiting this season, it would be KL's Pavilion Mall. The place left no stone unturned to transform the place into a Christmas Wonderland. Several trees decked in tasteful decors rise all over the mall, the most grandiose of which is in the central activity area. I came into it with mouth agape, i must have snapped an indecent amount of photos because, well, such beauty doesn't allow me to stop clicking the shutter.

There's a golden carriage perched perched above a canopy. Surrounding the area are a dozen Christmas Trees. An elegant chandelier hang down in midair while a lavish lampshade with a dozen lanterns stand at the other side. There's a yellow-roofed train running in circles while hundreds of poinsettias adorn what free space is available.

At nearby Fahrenheit Mall, half a dozen purple Christmas Trees stand proudly at the foyer. A giant tree stands at Berjaya Times Square. KL, the capital of a predominantly Muslim, country, knows how to celebrate Christmas in opulent style. After all, it doesn't merely reflect a religion, but a symbol of kindness and cheer during the season.

Once again, Merry Christmas everyone!

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Pavilion Mall

Lavish and eye-popping pomp and pageantry at the activity area of the Pavilion Mall.

Purple Christmas Tree at Fahrenheit 88.

White Christmas at Hotel Radius International. 


Ola said...

the decorations are really rich there!

eye in the sky said...

They sure are. Perfect for the word "lavish". :)

Twin said...


eye in the sky said...

@ Twin:

Sure is. :)