Monday, December 3, 2012

Giants of Suvarnabhumi International Airport

There are huge statues adorning the
Departure Hall of Thailand's Suvarnabhumi International Airport. These are colorful characters - giants, if you will - from the Ramayana. I am not familiar with any of them, but it's interesting to read snippets of their nature. For the unfamiliar, they tend to look very similar to each other. And checking them out is one of the things to do when you've a long wait at the airport.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Sahassadeja was a chief giant with a white body. He was the ruler of Pangtan City. Phya Moonphlam, his younger brother, was a viceroy and friend of Tosakanth. Sahassadeja had 1,000 faces and 2,000 hands. He eternally carries a Tan Club, his weapon of choice. He was killed by Hanuman.

Askan-Mara (above and below) was another chief of giants. He bears the special power of regeneration, thus when a body part is severed during a battle, this part becomes another body. The more body parts severed, the more body parts will be formed. Finally, he was hit by a Phrommat arrow from Phra Ram's bow. This arrow blows anything into pieces - throwing his body parts into pieces, thus preventing them to regenerate.


Viruncamban is the son of Phya Toos, the ruler of Charuek City and the nephew of Tosakanth. He disguised himself as a very tiny water insect and hid in a water bubble. Unfortunately, he was discovered and subsequently killed by Hanuman.

Tosakanth or Ravana is a green bodied giant. He is the ruler of Lanka City. He has 10 faces and 20 hands.

Mangkorakarn is another green bodied giant. He is the son of Phaya Khon, ruler of Romkhal City. He was the reincarnation of a mystical buffalo named Thoraphee. he was killed by Phra Ram's arrow.

Maiyarab was a chief of giants with a light purple body and the ruler of a subterranean world. He was responsible for the kidnap of Phra Ram, but Hanuman rescued the latter and eventually killed Maiyarab.

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NRIGirl said...

You were right; they all look the same except for the color of their skin!

eye in the sky said...

@ NRIGirl:

I was like, is it me or are they all identical? Maybe it's because I don't have a trained eye where Ramayana characters are concerned. They are nonetheless imposing, gigantic structures inside an airport hallway. :)