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Beltif Hotel - Accommodations in KL

As we've written in our previous post, this is part of a series that features some of the hotels we've been in during my March-April 2012 trip. We've ventured on discovering better hotels and guesthouses in KL by raising the accommodations budget a notch higher than customary since KL isn't exactly a city of "inexpensive, but nice hotels" unlike its neighboring countries like Thailand, Laos or Indonesia.

Beltif Hotel fits our requirement, i.e. Bukit Bintang area, preferably near a train station. Beltif is very near my favorite mall (one of the world's biggest too) - Berjaya Times Square, and the Imbi monorail station is beside Berjaya. Beltif is located along Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, an unusual street name if you ask me. The area itself is dotted with Chinese Restaurants, many of which provide inexpensive food. The Taragon and the Furama Hotels are just across the road, and karaoke bars abound the area. Since it's close to Jalan Pudu, taxis abound even in the wee hours. And it is possible to walk to the Bukit Bintang area.

Beltif Hotel is actually a boutique hotel, but it's also one of the least expensive we've found in KL. Bookings with Agoda includes breakfast, usually as served buffet from 7 to 10 AM (though options are rather limited to rice, baked beans, egg, sausage, and noodle). The people manning the front desk are friendly although they are less helpful when you ask them to call you a taxi. You don't need to. As mentioned earlier, there's plenty of taxis plying Chankat Thambi Dollah.

If you don't have a laptop and require an internet cafe, you have to walk all the way to Bukit Bintang. There's none in the area.

My room - 105 - was spacious, almost twice the size of my room in Le Apple Boutique Hotel. It's equipped with a 32-inch LCD Panasonic cable TV, a desk, a comfortable bed that takes the shape of your back, wifi in every room, 24-hour room service and a very clean bathroom (with cold and hot water running adequately at all times). At night, the glass door of the floor is locked in, but with your card key, you could open it on your own. This is great for the security of the hotel's guest.

One annoyance: the room had the stench of cigar that gradually dissipates when AC is turned on. This smell greets you every time you get inside - or when AC is turned off. It is best to request for a non-smoking room although I think I requested that upon booking. The walls of the room looked sturdy as well, but I could hear the clearing of throat and the snoring of an old guy next door. Other than that, most of my stay was quiet.

Outside breakfast, I could choose from the street's several restaurants: Chinese, Malay, halal or otherwise. An advantage of the place: its proximity to Berjaya Times Square and clearly, it's one of the most affordable - with better than average facilities.

Their website - The hotel is located at 77 Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, off Jalan Pudu. It's easily reached from the Imbi monorail station via a 10-15 minute walk. Contact them at 603- 2148 9191 or email them at

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Front desk: friendly but it is beyond them to call you a taxi.

Comfortable hotel lobby

Restaurant just at the back of the hotel lobby. Breakfast buffet is served here.

From the elevator, this glass door entrance leads to your hallway.

My room at 105.

Comfortable twin beds.

Breakfast buffet (above and below)

Hotel entrance

Other options, if budget is tight:

Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah's row of restaurants, karaoke bars, etc.

Taragon and Furama Hotels at the corner of Jalan Pudu and Changkat Thambi Dollah.


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it looks more than ok!

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eye in the sky said...

@ shooting star:

Yes, give it a try. :) I like how it's relatively unobtrusive, the staff, their lobby, housekeeping and all.

eye in the sky said...

It isn't bad, Ola. :)