Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pavilion Mall - Views From Where I Stand

Bintang Walk outside from Pavilion.

I didn't really plan on documenting KL's posh "Pavilion" which is my second favorite entertainment arcade in the Malaysian capital. However, I noticed that I've acquired quite a few photos from my several visits here - so why not?

I like its Golden Screen complex because, unlike Berjaya Times Square's, Pavilion's GCC has a more "international mindset" where their audience is concerned. The Malaysian films they release usually have English subtitles. Moreover, they release titles otherwise only seen in art houses. They have alternative flicks: I caught an Iranian film here late last year. Though their cinema admission is a little more expensive than others, it is understandable. Pavilion is right in the heart of Bintang Walk.

Pavilion is built on the former site of Bukit Bintang Girls' School (KL's oldest) which has moved to Cheras. It officially opened in September of 2007, and is punctuated by the colorful Liuli Fountain, a tourist attraction in itself, at its facade. The mall consists of four major components: a retain mall, an office tower, two residential towers, and a proposed hotel. It has 450 shops spread across seven levels.

Here are images from my Pavilion visits.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

I want one.

Cinema foyer

Cinema snack bar

Stand-alone "ads" for the movie "Bait".

Liuli Fountain

Takeshi Kaneshiro looming large on a billboard.


Twin said...

I love malls! Haha

eye in the sky said...


So does a lot of people. :)

NRIGirl said...

I won't be surprised if Google wants you to be their official photographer indoor and outdoor!

Having said that I wonder if you are already one!

Great pictures! Beautiful fountain! Thank you for sharing.

eye in the sky said...

@ NRIGirl:

Thanks for the very kind words. :)

Ramakrishnan said...

Sparkling and spanking new mall. You see one mall you have seen them all !

eye in the sky said...

@ Ram:

LOL. That's so true. I don't even shop much whenever I travel. But I do go to the mall to watch movies - a lot. Pavilion shows world cinema so that sets them apart from other KL malls. :)