Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Krungtong Hotel - Pleasant Stay in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Choosing your accommodation during travels is a tricky thing. I always something better than what I am willing to pay, but then that's human nature. Sometimes it's also a "mood" thing. Like when you just wanna relax in a room more than gallivant - this happens during long haul trips. In some legs, you just wanna kick back, relax, waste time watching cable while enjoying the chill of the AC. After all, one needs to "recharge" so you could enjoy the remainder of a long, arduous itinerary.

I stayed in Krungtong Hotel upon my first arrival in Ubon Ratchathani en route to Pakse, Laos. I have to admit that I took my time to read reviews and get the feel of the hotels before finally deciding on Krungtong. Mostly, this was because of a single, "sweet" review by one of its guests. They got an unexpected pick up at the airport. I liked that so I was kinda hoping it would happen to me too. I emailed them for my travel details. I was also willing to pay for this service. Ubon's airport has fixed rate taxi fares of 200 baht, but a taxi arranged by the hotel would be more convenient; you don't need to tell your driver the address or direction. Unfortunately, I didn't get a reply from Krungtong. Nor did I get anyone to fetch me upon my arrival. Though a bit disappointed, it was no big deal. Fixed rates taxis from the airport are easy to find. It's merely 7 minutes to the hotel.

What surprised me was the size of a room in Krungtong. I got a twin room that's facing the main street, Srinarong Road. The hotel has wifi, ref, split type AC, TV (with Thai channels only) and a clean bathroom with fixtures that work properly. Towels, bottles of water, soap and shampoo are all supplied. They seem to have few personnel but this doesn't bother me because unlike other fussy guests, I'd rather be left alone - except when I require help. Rooms in Krungtong are more spacious than other hotels in the city and their rates are relatively cheaper.

Unfortunately, the staff has limited English speaking skills, though they will try to help you with all your questions - or when you need a taxi for drives within the city. An Agoda booking doesn't include breakfast, but considering I don't like eating in hotels (except breakfast), it's not such a big deal for me. Krungtong has a canteen that offers drinks and some snacks, nothing heavy like a full meal. This canteen is mostly deserted. But the surrounding area has several restaurants, thus you actually have several options outside. If you're after a honeymoon-caliber hotel, or places for really special occasions, it would be better to look elsewhere. Otherwise, Krungtong Hotel is a good choice when you're just passing through or traveling around the area.

Other services include a spa, seemingly run by a separate management (styles of massage include Stone, Egyptian, Natural, whatever they mean by these descriptions). Krungtong is really a no-frills hotel providing basic, albeit spartan facilities that's a lot better than most B&B's and inns or guesthouses. The "hotel" is categorized under "Inns & Bed and Breakfast" at the Trip Advisor website placing 5th in their list of 11 inn accommodations.

Srinarong Road is right in the center of Muang District. Along this Road, you will find the Tourist Information Center (they call it TAT, for tourist assistance), a fire station, a post office, a day market, etc. Wat Thung Si Muang ( a must-visit) is also nearby, a block away and easily navigated on foot. If you're on budget and require accommodations better than most guesthouses and inns, look no further.

Address: 152 Srinarong Road at the Muang District of Ubon Ratchathani City Center. Contact details and map are located here:

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Krungtong Hotel's lobby is mostly deserted. You also hardly notice the single staff manning the front desk.

My spacious room. I liked the glazed tiles because it's easy to spot if they've been cleaned or dusted. Sheets smelled nice and bed's very comfortable.

Srinarong Road, the view from my window. Yes, Krungtong Hotel has an elevator. Sri Isan Hotel, the boutique hotel nearby doesn't.

Hallway. Elevator is just to the right.

Canteen beside the hotel lobby

Little garden in front of the hotel.

Wat Thung Si Muang is just a 5-minute stroll from the hotel.


NRIGirl said...

Read this during my lunch break and loved it! The room color is nice and pleasant. I am sure it was much more relaxing compared to the pink room with blue headboard...

eye in the sky said...

@ NRIGirl:

I liked this place because of the space in every room, which is double the space provided at Sri Isan's. It also has a lift for those who require it. :)