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Swim, Dine and Relax at D' Japanese Tunnel Resort - Davao Sights

Davao City, Philippines - Aside from visiting the Japanese Tunnel (circa 1942), there are other activities worth partaking at D' Japanese Tunnel Family Resort and Restaurant. After all, this was really designed as a resort with 41 rooms perched on a hill beside a highway; a restaurant with rates and entries that adjust to your budget; and a swimming pool. The place is located a bit far from the city center, and commuter jeeps are almost nil, but the security guard can always hail a taxi at any time. If I was a backpacker with a myriad of activities and a gamut of places to visit, I probably wouldn't stay here. But if I had a family in need of bonding - or that romantic couple who doesn't have to wander, this would be an ideal place.  

ROOM RATES (as of this writing)

Room variant is as follows: Standard, Deluxe, Super Luxe and Condotel. Standard rooms are further divided into single (P970), twin single (P1460), triple single (P2180) and quadruple single (P2550). Deluxe rooms are either matrimonial (P2160) and twin matrimonial (P3000). Super Luxe Room is just twin matrimonial at P3360. Condotel has a suite room pegged at P3960. Extra bed will cost you P400, while an extra person is worth P350

Their brochure claims to offer these amenities, facilities and services: AC rooms, mini-ref, hot and cold shower, cable TV, veranda over the pool on selected rooms, 24-hour room service, restaurant and sushi bar, dining and living room in their suites, and, more importantly, airport transfer.

Tunnel tour, as we've mentioned from our last post, is P50 for adults and P20 for children. Entry to the pool is P100, which seems pricey. During our visit, they had a promo - 2 pool entry tickets for every purchase of P1,000 at the restaurant. I wasn't there to swim. In fact, much of this visit was out of a whim and was, thus unplanned. This meant that this particular pool visit cost me P100 - good thing I was the only one there.

The swimming pool has section for adults and children. The southern enclave as well as the northern end are for children, and are thus shallow. There are slides and playhouses around. You could also order food and drinks from the restaurant.  

I had my late lunch at their restaurant which, initially felt a bit intimidating. This seemed like the fine dining kind - with folded napkins, shiny glass wares, glistening floors, chandelier, and uniformed waiters. What's more interesting is: they actually cater to your available budget. If you look at the menu (below): they offer set meals for big groups; you can also order a la carte, but they even have rice toppings at very affordable price. 

I ordered adobo and, just for variety, a cheese omelet. I am not picky where food is concerned. Most times, I am happy with egg, cheese, pineapple, and chicken or pork with rice. As I've mentioned before, food has never been a big consideration in my travels. I don't visit places for their food. I also ordered durian shake which wasn't the best we've had. The durian used came from those bottled durian jams so you see the scoop of jam floating on your glass, instead of the freshly osterized durian. Food, however, was tasty and beautifully prepared. Service was impeccable: the waiters were fast and courteous.

This  visit was satisfactory because we were able to visit a 1942 Japanese tunnel, ate a sumptuous lunch and perambulate around the swimming pool.

D' Japanese Tunnel Family Resort and Restaurant is located at the Diversion Road (the road to the airport), officially called Balusong Extension, Hilcrest Subdivision in the district of Matina. For reservations, call 299-0975 or 295-0678 to 79. Visit their Facebook page at The tunnel is open from 9 AM to 8 PM. Please direct your queries to the aforementioned numbers. I am NOT in anyway associated with this establishment.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

The Japanese Tunnel visit (photos and details) here

Hotel lobby. This is where you'll pay for your swimming pool or tunnel tickets.

Painting at the lobby.

Restaurant and sushi bar

A well near the restaurant entrance.

Durian shake. Notice the spoon of durian jam.

Menu. The menu says that "prices may change without prior notice". I could understand "availability" changing without prior notice, but "prices"? Once you sit on your restaurant chair, you have to have that "prior notice" before ordering, don't you?

Hotel and Japanese tunnel.

Another Resort and Japanese Tunnel are found nearby - (Gap Farming Resort)


My Unfinished Life said...

looks like a nice place!!

eye in the sky said...

@ shooting star:

I like pools. So I was happy being there. :)

Unknown said...

Seems like a quiet place for a fun getaway! Yes, the pool looks sooooo inviting!

eye in the sky said...

I actually prefer places like this... with hardly a soul. :)

Eagle in disguise said...

Thanks for this info. I have visitors coming and this blog is useful. We eat here often and their food & service is good.

eye in the sky said...

Eagle in disguise:

You're welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

Where is this exactly?

eye in the sky said...

Davao City, South Philippines. Exact address and contact details are posted in the article if you read through it.

Fel of Real Estate in Davao said...

Wow lucky for you when you visited the place, there's not much people during that time :-). Nice to go to a place like that for family bonding. I think the owner of this place is also the owner of D leanor (also a great place to visit but a bit pricey).
Maybe this summer me and my family might come visit the place.
Off the topic:
Hope you visit my site

eye in the sky said...

Fel, I am not so sure if this place really fills to maximum capacity. Maybe it was low season, but it is a nice place. I think I know D Leanor. Rates could be because pricey because of its more central location? Yes, you should check out the place when you can. :)

BTW, I visited your site and couldn't find where to comment. I think Aeon will become a landmark in Davao if it, at least, opens its skydeck for tourists. :)

Anonymous said...

how much is the rates only for pool and cottage?

eye in the sky said...

As stated in the post, entry to the swimming pool is PhP100 per person. There aren't exactly cottages like you find in beach resorts or other water parks. What they have is a shaded area with long rows of restaurant tables. They don't charge anything for it once you've paid the PhP100 fee.

Also, they have occasional promos. For every PhP1,000 worth of food items at the restaurant, there are 2 free entrance tickets to the swimming pool. As the front desk if you're interested in dining and, in the process, avail of the 2 free tickets. The restaurant is located just beside the swimming pool.

Anonymous said...

can we go there just for the pool and the tunnel tour without checking in at the hotel ?

eye in the sky said...

Yes. It's open to day visitors as well.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for good venue with a pool for an overnight get together with friends then I found this. Your post is very informative and the pics are great too! Thanks for this! Will definitely consider adding this to my list. Again, thanks! :)

eye in the sky said...

You're welcome. Have fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Want to ask about the pool part. Do they allow overnight stay and how about if we bring our own food And drinks. Will they charge it? what are their room rates?

eye in the sky said...

Like many swimming pools in most other resorts, I am sure they have opening and closing times for the pool. I have yet to hear of a resort pool that's open 24 hours a day. They have corkage fee for food and beverages. Room rates are distinctly mentioned in the post so please read above. For more information, visit their webpage. Their email address is also mentioned in the article.

Unknown said...

hello good day! is D' Japanese Tunnel Hotel and Restaurant recommended for wedding and debut events? Please Do Reply Thanks! Lyka Here..

eye in the sky said...


They have ample space, and there's a swimming pool that's open (without charge) for restaurant guests (last time I was there). Food is delicious too and surprisingly affordable. Why don't you check the place out and see for yourself. Then you can decide if the ambiance suits your taste and requirement.