Sunday, January 22, 2012

Faces of Davao 05 - Around Shaolin Temple (Long Hua Temple) in Davao

This is the second part on our post about Davao City's Long Hua Temple aka Chinese Temple. One thing particularly distinctive about this temple is the absence of too much lurid colors characteristic of temples in the region. Buddhas here are colored white and the lion statues by the stairs are in concrete gray. There is a lotus pond fronting the main temple. There's also a sparsely decorated garden beside this temple which provides a sense of serenity. I was actually excited to compare this to the other temple nearby - the Taoist Temple. I was told that the city has five temples, but I don't know where three of them are. Maybe I'll find them one of these days.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

The front gate facing busy JP Cabaguio Avenue.

Going out.


Ramakrishnan said...

Charming temple- so serene & tranquil.Lovely lotus pond with the white Buddha(?) seated in the center.

eye in the sky said...

Its color scheme follows the sparse color palette of the temple. It's actually odd as most temples I see are very colorful. :)

oaldvd said...

wow. i've been here last month. i like the pictures. it feels like I want to go visit again.

eye in the sky said...

@ oaldvd:

Thanks. It's a decent site for Davao tourists, and many locals don't even bother. :)

Unknown said...