Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dataran Pahlawan (Heroes Square) Mega Mall - Melaka Part 8

Dataran Pahlawan Mega Mall is located at the Bandar Hilir area, facing Jalan Merdeka (South Gate) to its front and Jalan Kota at the back (North Gate). As described in Trip Advisor, the mall is your “conventional mall, which doesn't stand out. The design is like a long snake. It lacks width so it makes up in length. You'll be walking straight down the aisles with some nooks and corners.”

It is described as South Malaysia’s biggest mall which is hard to believe, since the mall feels pretty small, with comparatively low ceilings. Dataran is the bahasa word for “square”, while Pahlawan means “heroes” so the mall’s name is translated into “Heroes Square” unless I’m being too literal about it. A special feature of this place for me is a small shop (you may miss it if you’re not too attentive) on your way to the cinema. This shop sells my favorite vice – cheap DVD’s at just 6 ringgit per piece, and if you get 5, you have 1 free! I shamelessly bought 12 pieces!

This is the Eye in the Sky.

Part 7 - Images from St. Paul's Hill

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