Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boracay Island and Riding Into Your Own Sunset

Boracay. A day starts and ends with varying shades of blues and greens, somber sunrises and golden sunsets, azure seas reaching far into a pastel horizon, and the tendrils of your hair wind-swept, and skin sun-kissed, you realize that the word “paradise” is not all that trite. This is where every single day is a chance to “ride into the sunset”. Just head 50 meters into the fine white sands; lie down where your feet lead you. Soak in the lapping of the gentlest ripples of a clear ocean. Serenity.

I have met hundreds of backpackers throughout my travels all over Asia, the European continent, the Indian subcontinent and I have yet to meet someone who has been to Boracay. Since this blogsite gets visits from an enormous variety of countries at any given time, I shall respectfully invite the wanderlustyou! - to find your way to this idyllic enclave in my idyllic little country. This is Boracay Island.

Puka Beach and his raging seas

A view from Mount Luho

And this is the Eye in the Sky wishing every adventurous soul a prosperous New Year! May we all have a safer world to travel on.

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