Friday, December 5, 2008

KL's National Monument and Other Spectacular Sights

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We know of the Petronas Towers as well as the other Mughal-inspired buildings along Merdeka Square - and I don't mind seeing them again, but there are just so many other places that are also worth your time. I spread map on my bed - AND it's not a decrepit bed at some hole in the wall, mind you. They may not be as luxurious as those Vegas shitpads, but they're not cheapos too - just as a sidebar for the nincompoops who believe I actually stay in holes-in-the-walls. And then I pointed to a spot southwest of the KL urban spread. The National Monument - the Tugu Negara!
Situated on a hill, this spectacular area of fountains and commemorative statues have been built to honour the soldiers who fought against the communist forces back in the days. It was a very refreshing ride on a taxi (for 10 MR = x14 = PhP) going through green parks and hilly estates, far away from the touristy city.

To be honest about it, I preferred the nearby ASEAN Arts Park at the foot of the hill which featured contemporary art workds from within the region. Located at the center is a faing piece of monstrosity called Barong Barong - you bet! By a Filipino artist!

From there, I walked eastward to where the Lake Garden is, but there were several blockades so i just walked by the roadside where i passed by a massive Bird Sanctuary - allegedly the biggest covered aviary in the world; a butterly park, a Hibiscus Park, an Orchid Park. If you're into nature stuff, you will be drawn to this place - as everywhere you turn, there are these sprawling hectareage of natural themed parks. The downside to a visit here? Transportation!

Since you are relatively far from the city center, the taxis that ply (or just wait) at the entrance of these places REFUSE to take you anywhere BUT the KL Sentral, which is ridiculous. IF i am gonna pay for a taxi, then I better make sure it takes me to where i wanna go!


I walked! And walked! And walked! Which turned out to be educational. By the roadside were monkeys - huge ones! - which almost freaked me out! Further along, I jumped through a gated fence and finally saw the Lake Gardens where someone was canoeing! I saw an underpass, went under, and came out seeing huge buildings some 200 meters from where i stood! THE KL SENTRAL!

Sure! It took me 2 hours to reach the KL Sentral (where I took the Monorail to Imbi Station to get to my favorite Mall - not the KLCC - the Berjaya Times Square - to watch a movie) instead of the 45-minute taxi ride that took me to the parks.

But what a way to "roam".

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