Thursday, June 28, 2018

Trying Sewai in Abu Dhabi

                                           I had Sewai          


                                      in this restaurant

                                               Near this street below!

While touring Abu Dhabi with a motley of other tourists from Romania, Kazakhstan, Germany, India, Singapore, China, India, and Switzerland, we were taken to Al Ibrahimi Restaurant on Muroor Road for lunch. It serves international cuisine on its buffet spread. I saw jalebi, that Indian sweets made internationally famous by Dev Patel's Oscar-nominated movie, "Lion". But there was something else that caught my attention.

An Indian lady from Hyderabad quipped, "Try that. You'll like it." I was grateful for the recommendation, but I didn't need convincing. She said it was called "Sewai". It looked like a noodle dish. It's a coconut-based dessert with milk in it, the nice lady explained. It looked inviting.

Sewai, it turns out, is made with vermicelli, cooked in milk and dry fruits; a quintessential festival dessert usually made on the occasion of the Eid. There's a bit of cardamom in the milk with a pinch of saffron; other varieties carry almonds, raisins or cashew nuts. This particular Sewai didn't have those, which was probably good for me so I could concentrate on its taste.



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