Friday, December 6, 2013

Gold Coast Seaway at Dusk

I made it at the other end of Southport's The Spit when Girlie drove me to the Gold Coast Seaway, the world's first permanent sand bypassing system which delivers all the sand arriving at the Seaway across the entrance and into Moreton Bay. This Seaway is the main navigation entrance from the Pacific Ocean to Gold Coast Broadwater and Moreton Bay. It's also considered as one of Australia's most significant coastal engineering projects. Though not particularly an eye candy, its importance in providing safer navigation from the Pacific makes a visit worthwhile. It's like paying homage to an inanimate object that keeps seafarers safe.

As part of the Seaway, two rock walls have been constructed to stabilize the position of the entrance. Without them, entrance here is considered very dangerous.

At dusk, the wind carries a nippy force that brings chill down the spine. It had been a long day so we decided to head back to Oystercove Promenade.

This is the Eye in the Sky!
Like pencil sketches.

Sand dredging system. This photo only courtesy of Gillian Everett's flickr.

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