Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cruising Sovereign Island and Ephraim Island (Gold Coast)

Remember Paradise Point where we had fish and chips one chilly night? This Gold Coast suburb has twin islands connected to Paradise Point by their bridges - Sovereign Island and Ephraim Island. While not exactly a tourist destination, Girlie decided to drive me to both islands. Though they both have 24-hour manned security, she luckily has access. In fact, she's been in these areas when answering her medical out calls. And I was privileged to be accompanying her for a zippy cruise across the islands. We decided not to get off the car for practical reasons - thus you have to pardon the reflections from the wind shield.  

Sovereign Island doesn't have what we would regularly call houses, but "mansions", and is considered a very affluent community with a population of almost 20,000.

Most homes have private moorings. The cheapest doesn't slide below $2 million while others are even said to value $20 million. In the real estate world, properties in these islands are among the most luxurious thus its nickname "Treasure Island".

The waters in the area are mild because South Stradbroke Island, lying on the eastern coast, serves as a protective barrier against the tides of the Pacific. The Broadwater surrounding the island is a playground for those who love their water sport. I was in awe of the sophisticated landscaping, the graceful palms rising above the mansions, and the ultra modern architectural design of each property.

Aerial view of the posh community of Sovereign Island. This photo only courtesy of

Ephraim Island was once filled with mangroves and a considerable part of the land was underwater. This was developed into a prime property, just a few notches below the luxury of the neighboring Sovereign Island north of Ephraim. With just barely 10 hectares, the property is shaped like an inverted "e".

Ephraim has a marina, 12 buildings, 30 beach houses, a restaurant and a restaurant. Security is likewise tight. In fact, we had limited access to the area.

The southern tip has preserved mangroves and a salt mudland. From the mainland's Esplanade, we turned left to the 400 meter (1,300 feet) bridge connecting Ephraim to Paradise Point.

Cruising Ephraim Island is faster than Sovereign because security is closer to the edge of the bridge. Moving further on would require permission which was unnecessary since we felt there wasn't much to do - or see. So we just turned around thereafter. I felt though that I've caught a glimpse of Australia's more privileged communities.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Getting back to the mainland.

Ephraim Island. This photo courtesy of

Going through Labrador's Musgrove Avenue.
Sovereign and Ephraim Islands connect to Paradise Point by bridges. 


Ramakrishnan said...

Fascinating place.Love the tall manicured palm trees lining the roads,the clear blue skies,the wide motorways,the lovely villas....where are the people though ?

eye in the sky said...

Ram, It seems to be a familiar scenario all over the Gold Coast and probably Queensland, except Brisbane, the capital city. :)