Saturday, October 6, 2012

KL's LCCT Airport Part 1 - What To See Around The Terminal

Main Check-In Hall

I've been featuring airports wherever I travel, but I haven't given much space for KL's Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) where I get to see much more often than any other airport in the last half a decade or so. I've had so many transits here that I feel so much more comfortable here than I am with Manila's posh Terminal 3. Aside from "familiarity", LCCT operations are basically no-frills so check-in/departure and arrival are comparably "less painful" than many other airports. What's best? The people manning the check in counters and the immigration officials in LCCT are among the most courteous and least grumpy in the region, you come in and not feeling like you've intruded on their "existence". In short, my several LCCT transits have always been pleasurable.


There are rewards for their impeccable service: for 4 consecutive years, they have been voted as the Best Low Cost Airport in the World - from 2009 to 2012! And that's no mean feat! My congratulations then.

Though I have written about LCCT in the past (I am sure, though superficially so), the next two posts will feature LCCT cursorily as part of our "Travel Survival Series" to empower travelers who need familiarity with their airports. Please note that most of these photos are taken on "low light", thus no flashes were used for this set because airport officials don't exactly encourage photography in the premises for security purposes.

What isn't included here is the Bus Bay and the Food Court at the far end of the terminal complex. The Bus Bay/Terminal is located (if you're out of the airport facing the sprawling car park) to your left, and the huge Food Court is further ahead. Near the facade is a bay for shuttle rides that will take you to the "train terminal" if you're opting for trains going to KL Sentral (14 ringgit, I think, for one way). However, trains have limited hours and stop after midnight.

Please check out the our succeeding post for "Shops and Dining at Pre-Departure Area". -

This is the Eye in the Sky!

This is the check-in counter located at the right side area of the terminal away from the main check-in hallway.

This is one of the several waiting areas outside the terminal, just outside the Domestic Arrival Hall. Nearby is the Bus Bay.

Another waiting area just beside the Domestic Arrival Hall, but this is still inside the airport hall. To its right is a KFC shop and a rather expensive Left Luggage. Toilet is to its left.

Noodles Bar

Chocolate Lounge

Taste of Asia is one of the most familiar sites at the LCCT because it's at the entrance/exit of the Main Check-in Hall. Beside it is the LCCT Emporium which has candies, chocolates, chips, books, newspapers, postcards and other souvenir items.

Taste of Asia and their upside down umbrella lanterns.

The Coffee Bean (above and below) just outside the Domestic Arrival Hall.

I usually have my 11-ringgit breakfasts here at McDonald's.


Famous Amos

I didn't get the name of this one, but this is a fruit shop, and they also sell Rojak, a delicious KL delicacy made of fruits and vegetables and that special sweet and spice sauce. Yum!


LCCT Emporium, one of my favorite shops at the LCCT.

Diesel shop

Nuri Reflexology Therapy

Super Strap wrapping stall. I never thought I'd need this until the zipper of my luggage went off. At 10 ringgit, this solved the problem.

Rates for Super Strap.

Hong Leong Bank Bureau de Change. This is my favorite forex center located outside the airport terminal. LCCT has several forex (arrival hallway has 2 or 3) but this has better rates than the ones inside (though not by much). What's better, the people here are friendlier. When I said "terimah kasih" (thank you in Malay Bahasa), the woman at the counter sheepishly replied with "salamat" (thanks in Tagalog). Now how's that for a welcome?

Pusrawi Medical Clinic. For medical emergencies, you can swing by here for fast consults. Imagine they even offer pap smear . Who would undergo a pap smear at the airport, I wonder? :) This is located near the toilet and Hong Leong Forex.


LCCT has ceased to exist as of 2014. It has been replaced by the new KLIA2 terminal located in the same vicinty where LCCT was. We are keeping this post as "souvenir" of the LCCT.



Anonymous said...


What is the difference between the main check-in area and the other check-in counter that you mentioned?

eye in the sky said...

The bulk of the departing flights check-in at the main check-in area, 80 to 85% probably. The other check-in counter is like a spill-over counter for other flights which has probably around 6-8 counters located at the right wing of the LCCT.

eye in the sky said...

If you're concerned about the check-in counter for Manila-bound Cebu Pac flights, it changes. Most of these flights (from experience) happen at the main check-in hall. For some reason, my last Manila-bound Cebu Pac flight was at the other check-in hallway. Upon arrival at the LCCT, just head straight to the main hall, and there's an LCD screen telling you which check-in counter you should go.