Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Luxury of Serenity at Leling Beach - Hagonoy Davao del Sur

Along the eastern coast of Hagonoy, Davao del Sur is a resort not often visited even by the locals. They call it Leling Beach (pronounced Lee-ling).

This serene enclave is part of the municipality of Hagonoy, Davao del Sur which has seen a glimpse of growth under the stead of newly re-elected Mayor Calida. From Digos City, Leling is some 20 kilometers left turn from the main highway. The road may not be asphalted, but it is serviceable (though I'd imagine a rather muddy journey when it rains).

We passed by a smattering of shanties that slid by into placid stretches of fish ponds at both sides of the road. Not long after, there was an entrance block that collected a measly PhP10 per vehicle. Then we were ushered into a row of pink colored cottages (PhP100). You could park from the small spaces right in front of the cottages or find your way closer to the beach, though it's going to be crampy between dwarf coconut trees.

The promenade directly facing the beach is well planned - a side railing has been in place, as well as a concrete breakwater - which must have cost a lot. (The government of Hagonoy is said to be footing the bill for these improvements.) I was told that this used to be a neglected hole in the wall, with very few visitors. But this has to change very soon. The concrete promenade is not quite finished but the paucity of people is a pleasure to behold!

During our visit, the waves were harsh as they slapped hard against the breakwater. From a distance, you could see the docked cargo ships from Malalag Wharf. There were fishermen trying to collect bangus (milkfish) fries that they collect for culture. I was in awe of their ability to do so. How do you really spot 2-5 cm "baby fish" from a raging sea. That has to require talent and expertise. Leling Beach was one of my favorite places in the province of Davao del Sur.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

The promenade

Pink cottages

Mad rush of ocean water against the breakwater.

Placid waters of fish pond

The road to Leling Beach

A new resort beside Leling Resort is almost ready to open.

New resort beside Leling Beach

Up next: More images from Leling Beach.


Trotter said...

Hi Eye! Sorry for the absence, but after a long weekend break, I was working abroad last week...

This is what I call a relaxing holiday... ;)

Meanwhile, Blogtrotter Two discovers Sardinia! Enjoy and have a great week!

eye in the sky said...

and you have a lot of stories and photos to share again....

pamatayhomesick said...

ganda ng kuha mo pards!...may drama sa bawat angulo!

eye in the sky said...

Thanks, ever. and you have a way with words too.

April Joy said...

Hi, Ask lng po. Meh rooms ba available ang Leling Beach resorts? and How much po? ung good for 2 persons only. and meh CR ba sa loob ng Room? xka aircon ba xa? sna mag rep kau, thanks.

eye in the sky said...

Hi April Joy,

Leling Beach itself is under the management, I am told, of the local government of Hagonoy, Davao del Sur. They funded the breakwater that you see in the photos.

But - there is a new resort just beside the breakwater - you can see this at the last 3 photos in the blogpost (blue roof). I don't think there's lots of options there other than what you see but it looks like a well maintained compound - they even have security guards manning the place. I do not know of the other details (types, rate, facilities) - and I had the impression that each room has their private shower rooms as well. I don't think they have a website as I write this.

But what i like about the place is it doesn't have many visitors compared to the nearby Dawis Beach so you share the place with very few people. And considering the very cheap entrance fee, it's a good choice. :-)