Thursday, May 27, 2010

Padada Davao del Sur - Padada Central School & St. Michael's Church

Padada - As we've previously mentioned, this 4th class municipality is in dire need of a park where people can relax, take a stroll. This town has no green space where local folk can enjoy. Even the sprawling grounds in the vicinity of the Municipal Hall look in desperate need of a makeover. With ceilings from its munisipyo gaping, you would wonder when it's derelict second floor would eventually cave in!

As we ventured around, we've come across a public school - Padada Central Elementary School - with a patch of green; a garden of dwarf frangipanis (calachuchi) and some oddly exotic flowering plant. There was a small playground with low bars for children to climb on. A Jose Rizal bust stands at the lawn, with paints chipping off Rizal's face. As we went to the backyard, we noticed the lush vegetation of camote. Further afield was a new gymnasium - the barangay must be under the governor's good grace! It was a pleasant time walking around a deserted school. From a distance, we saw a few people weeding the grassy field.

The public school has a long history - it was founded in 1949!

Another place we visited was St. Michael's Church. The area surrounding the church was typically residential, with a Catholic school (St. Michael's School of Padada) just beside the parish grounds. A woman who stood for a prayer lamented that the church shuts its doors most of the time so you cannot just head down for a quick prayer. "Pirmi man gud sarado (They're always closed.)" she remarked.

Such visit bolsters the fact that there is no absolutely boring town. You just have to look hard to find small gems like St. Michael's Church and Padada Central Elementary School grounds.

This is the Eye in the Sky!

Padada Central Elementary School circa 1949. Nothing much has probably changed.

A waiting shed on a dusty road in front of the school.

Walkway towards the school's main hall.

Frangipanis (calachuchi)

Jose Rizal, the country's national hero - chipping away.

Gymnasium at the back lot of the school.

Wild grass flowers.

Deserted make-shift tindahans (store) will soon re-open in mid-June.

Barangay Tanod check point

St. Michael's Church

"Who is God-like" - at the church entrance.

Interiors of St. Michael's Church

The small garden in front of the church.

Parish center


pamatayhomesick said...

npakaganda at simpleng lugar...
npahanga ako dito..

Trotter said...

Hi Eye! Another interesting and informative post. I suspected I also have a long story: 1949... ;))

Blogtrotter Two has a sunset cruise for you! Enjoy the cocktails and the views and have a great weekend!!

eye in the sky said...

@ ever: oo nga, isa sa pinaka simpleng lugar na nai feature ko dito.

@ Trotter: am sure your long story is studded with the most jaw dropping, awe-inspiring adventures. i am green with envy.