Monday, November 24, 2008

Strictly No Elephants in Elephanta Island

There is always something pleasurable in riding a boat, navigating water ways, with wind blowing your hair, and sun on your face. I found myself taking this 1 hour boat ride to Elephanta Island , some 9 km northeast from Mumbai harbor. I had to pay 250 rupees for the entrance to the temple which had to be trodded up a hill. The temples rise under a conglomeration of caves, and seen inside are magnificent stone carvings, allegedly the best in all of India. I've seen better in Jaisalmer and Jodhpur - but they are amazing work nevertheless. The mini-train ride (like this was a leisure park) was also fun, but the whole experience doesn't really take more than 2 hours tops.

The ride back was very refreshing. I took some pics as the orange sun sets over the cityscape of Mumbai. Now i'm off to hyderabad, one of the country's cyberhub. It will be a long 17-hour journey.


The elephant bust that's supposed to guard the entrance has since fallen off. The Brits transferred it at the Victoria Gardens in Mumbai.

This is the Eye in the Sky temporarily tired of capitals.

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