Sunday, October 28, 2007

How Much Things Cost in Saigon

A Random List

Postcard – at Bui Vien, VnD 2,500 (P7); they get pricier along Pham Ngu Lao and at the malls, and these are amazing postcards- the ones that cost PhP50 here in Manila

Postage- VnD 7,000 each (PhP20) to postcards within Asia, Australia, Belgium, China, and the US

Bottled water (Aquafina is a common brand) – VnD 4,000 (PhP11.50); VnD2,700 in regular stores (PhP7.50)

Coke in Can- VnD 6,000 (PhP17)

Dinner at Lotteria (their McDonalds/Jollibee)- VnD31,000 (PhP96) for Chicken Meal with
Lipton Tea

Haircut- VnD 15,000 (PhP42) at the regular barber shopTaxi from Tan Son Nhat to my hotel – VnD 96,000 (PhP 269)

Taxi ride from Tan Son Nhat to my guesthouse (2nd arrival)- VnD 74,000 (PhP207). Gave him VnD 100,000. Was just grateful for not haggling with him re: use of meter, etc. - and for a safe arrival.

Bus ride from Tan Son Nhat to Pham Ngulao/De Tham street (1st arrival) – VnD 3,000 (PhP 8.50)

Sharon fruit – VnD 25,000/kilo (5 pieces of crunchy heaven) (This is a personal favorite. Also known as Persimmon in London, I used to regularly buy loads of persimmon -along with cherries, apples and plums- along Kilburn in north London… it was staple for almost a year. - ( I didn't know that its local variant is the mabolo.) In Manila, it costs PhP50 ($1) a piece.

An order of spring roll (a local favorite) – VnD35,000 (PhP 98)

An order of yangchau fried rice at a stall beside Ben Thanh – VnD35,000 (PhP 98)

Ca phe sua da (iced coffee with milk) in regular eateries – VnD 5,000 (PhP14) to 15,000 ( I paid 20K at Pho)

Pho (noodle soup) in regular eateries – VnD 11,000 – 25,000 (Was telling my part-vietnamese friend and she had to correct my pronunciation coz I kept saying foe...foe)

Pinoy LaTondena Rum gold, 750 ml – VnD 65,000 (PhP 182) - can you believe it? hehe

DSL line - $20 a month

Internet use for 1 hour – VnD 4,000 (PhP 11.50)

Khoai tay chin (potato chips) at the market – VnD 14,000 (PhP 39)

Ze om (motor taxis) – VnD 5,000-15,000

Omelette with coffee at a pricey restaurant in Pham Ngu Lao – VnD 40,000 ( PhP 121)

This is the Eye in the Sky.

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